5 Different  Collections

Our Service

We offer you 5 different collections, with some discount

The only rule is that we choose the plants for you.  So you can not order on name.

We collect for you 25 Saxifrages or/and sempervivums with different form and flowercolor.

You only have to indicate whether you are a beginner or an advanced grower


Collection 1


25 Porophyllum Saxifraga's of our choice including post&packaging


Special Offer 

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85 €uro

Collection 2


25 Silver Saxifraga's of our choice including post&packaging


Silvers Sold-Out 

 70 €uro

Collection 3


Mix of 25 Porophyllum and Silver Saxifraga's including post&packaging

Silvers Sold Out

80 €uro

Collection 4


25 Sempervivums of our choice including post&packaging


Few Left 


70 €uro

Collection 5


Mix of 25 Porophyllum, Silvers and Sempervivums including post&packaging


Sold Out 

75 €uro



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   7442VK     Nijverdal     The Netherlands





Visiting the Nursery only by appointment 

Or on our OPEN-DAYS in Spring when the Saxifraga's are flowering


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