Silver Saxifraga Spring List 2022


  *** Unfortunately we lost most photo's of the flowers, we will make new ones this season ***


Dear Saxifraga friends

At First, the last two years were very busy for us. Due to the Corona virus there were no plant markets and open days at nurseries. So we had much more mail orders over the last two years. Due to this our list does no show as many Saxifraga’s as you are used to! Many are already sold out. We are sorry for that but we think there are still enough Saxes to choose from. And as you know we grow our plants in an ‘Old fashioned’ way in a lean and poor soil without any use of fertilizers. So it will take time for some plants to come back in the list. We will never change this to grow the plants faster. All plants are grown outside, not in a green- or alpine house.



Most plants are in 8cm pots, some in 6cm. But all hardy and very well rooted plants. The plants are €3,00 each. For details please see the mail order page at our website

Ofcourse ordering one of our collections is also possible, see the collection page at the website.



In general, Silver Saxifragas are easier to grow as the Porophyllum. Some will even thrive rather well in a 'normal' garden soil. But growing Silvers in the right way it's best to grow them in a lean bit poor soil like the Porophyllum. They wil show better rosette color, grow more slow, remain compact and will be stronger this way. And that's a great advantage in our overall rather wet winters without snow. Most of them can have much more sun as seen in the Porophyllum section. Ofcourse there are some Silvers which are a bit more vulnerable and they need a bit more protected spot from sun, heat, or too much rain. The easy and normal growing Silvers we will indicate in the list with A. The ones for a bit more care with a B


Mail- Order to UK is possible!

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Visiting the Nursery only by appointment 



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