*Please read this page before ordering*   

Because when you order, we assume that you agree with our terms and conditions stated on this page.

 So to avoid problems afterwards, we find it important that you read this page carefully.

How to order and can find at the bottom of this page......after you have read our terms and conditions.


Prices in the catalogue

porophyllum Saxifraga's    3,00 each

Silver Saxifrages   2,00 each

Sending Saxifrages - terms and conditions

Dear friends, at first.....we only send out SMALL PLANTS!


Some beginners are sometimes a bit dissapointed when the plants they receive are not big full pots of Saxifrages.   But their are several very good reasons for not sending out big plants.   Saxifrages do not like to be planted out when too big.   Its verry difficult for them to establish well when  mature.  Small Saxifrages do have a much better regrow!


Many of our plants are planted out in Tufstone, so please let us know if they are for  Tufstone or in soil.   Because when Saxes are too big they do not establishe well in Tufstone.


We never send out too small plants.   But if you are a beginner, please let us know, than we can keep that in mind while selecting your plants.


If you want.....we can always send you a PHOTO of the Saxifraga's we intend to send to you.

So you can see what you can aspect.


Please understand, sending out is always after we received payment.


***It's not possible to cancel your order and ask for refund after payment.***



Please keep in mind

Over the years we did send many, many parcels with plants all over the world.  

Sending out to most countries is no problem, but ofcourse there is always a possibility that a parcel is lost.... it almost never happens.  But......although we always send out with registered can happen that a parcel is gone lost or even stolen in some countries!   Please understand that it's your risk!......we cannot be responsible for parcels lost during the mail-order traject.

 The same is when plants arrive to late! most countries plants arrive between 3-5 days, sometimes a few days longer but by the way we send out this is not a problem.


So to avoid problems afterwards...if you order plants with agree with our following terms;


'Sending out is always on your own risk....we can not give any form of refund' not think Mail-order is a 'tricky' way to receive Saxifraga lovers ordered over the years with great succes plants from our Nursery end received them in excellent condition!

99,9 % of the parcels arived on time and in excellent condition! 

Custom restrictions

Please understand...we have a great experience with sending out plants,and there are simply some countries which are more difficult for sending out plants than others.

So we do not send out to Norway, USA and Canada....customs are simply to strict and they demand phyto-sanitary papers in triplicate and papers of our source!.....we just can't do much time and costs.

Some other countries are tricky to send out, i'm ver honest in it.....parcels can be 'lost in space' if you know what i mean........

And although we send out with a very good Courier DPD, that's not a guarantee for some countries!

We did send out with mixed succes to countries like Russia, Baltic states, so we will do....

but on your own risk...... no refund!

And if you living in a country and you know it's not allowed to import plants without's your risk!

The Way we send out the plants

In the Photo - serie you can see how we send out the plants and the way we package the plants.   We send out plants in pot.  It's possible to ask for sending out Saxifrages bare-rooted to reduce the weight.   But....... The plants suffer more sending out bare rooted!  So you must be a skilled and experienced rockgardener, and totally your responsibility.


When arrived, check if they are still good stuck in their pots en water them a bit.  Give them a spot outside without sun and let them acclimatize for a few days so they can recover a bit from their 'dark' yourney in the box, before giving them the right spot in your rockgarden, through, tufstone or alpine-house.

Mail-order prices and conditions

We only send out on mondays and by registered mail.  On monday because mostly the plants arrive just before the week end, and registered because it's the most secure way for you as receiver of the plants.


All prices are including packaging and sending with registered mail.

I'm sorry to say but the minimum order amount without registered post and packaging is set on 25 €uro.

In Zone 1 the prices are: 

2-5   KG    25,00 €uro

5-10  KG    30,00 €uro

10-20 KG    40,00 €uro

Zone 1 are: Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Spain, United-Kingdom, France, Italy.


For Zone 2,please add 5,00 more for every weight-group.

Zone 2 are: Bulgaria, Estland, Finland, Hungaria, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slowakia, Tsjech Republic, Estonia.


Other countries...not mentioned...Please contact us for rates.

How to order and substitutes

* We send out whole year when weather permits*

Please understand...we do not hold stock of  the Saxifrages in our catalogues!'s to much valuable time to do so......we always propagate all are Saxifraga's in our list.  But cuttings can fail or plants sold out fast, especially the rare and difficult ones.


Ordering is simply by mailing us the names and how many of each plant you want to receive.

Although we have many,many plants in stock it's possible that the plant you asking for is sold out,so please do not be dissapointed........there are enough other plants in stock.


We always mail you back which plants are in stock and which are not, so you can decide if you want substitutes or not.

Or we can propose good nearby substitutes if you want.

We do not use a 'waiting list' anymore for rare or seldom seen Saxifrages, sometimes you must be lucky to obtain.



We only send out plants after receiving payment as you certainly can understand.

We prefer Payment by PayPal, but Bank Transfer is allright.


Payment can also be done by registered mail and is safe, but ofcourse it's on your risk although it never went wrong.