About the Open-Days



Saxifraga's are always the first alpines to flower, some of them are already in bud - and sometimes flower - in december when winter is mild.  In our West-european climate, winters can be mild but sometimes harsh.  Temperatures of 20 minus celcius are changing with temps just under or above zero.  The best is some snow but that's not a regular fact overhere.  But alltogether the Saxifrages begin to flower in our region from the first week of march until end of april ofcourse depending how weather developes during these weeks.


Best you can do is regular checking out this page.  

We are not open every saturday like we used to do!....so please keep that in mind!   

We  only will be open during the best flowering period!

And ofcourse you can make a appointment for visiting us on other days than the open saturdays.


In fact we prefer to have more visiting by appointment!....so one can have more attention for each other.


Ofcourse we are also open for group visiting,but please keep in mind,groups up to 20 persons.

Please groups visits by appointment only!