Saxifraga Catalogue

How to order?

In fact...ordering is very simple.....just send me an E-mail with the names and how many of each plant you want, and we will let you know which are still in stock.  And we even can suggest you the best substitutes. 

Please read before you enter our extensive Saxifraga list!

We appreciate very much that you have opened the Catalogue and we hope that you will read this page before you start 'snooping' through our catalogue pages, because there's some interesting info for you.


Not all the Saxifraga's we grow in our alpine-garden are listed in our catalogue,so our collection is even larger than the Saxifraga listed in the Catalogue.   Some Saxifrages are realy tricky to grow an if we can not quarantee a plant to be regular in stock we do not list it.

So if you miss a Saxifraga in our Catalogue which you'r looking for....please ask...maybe it's in stock


When you look in the menu on the left you can see that all the Saxifraga Cultivars are listed in alphabetical order in the Sub-pages of the Saxifraga catalogue.  Sometimes sub-pages are split in 1 and 2 because otherwise scrolling gets to long.


The Botanical Saxifraga's are also listed in alphabatical order likewise the Silvers from the ligulatea section.

 Keep in mind that Botanical Saxifraga's which are given 'Fancy' names for being a outstanding clone's  are NOT in the botanical section although they are ofcourse species.  For example burseriana 'Crenata' and 'Crenulata' are Fancy names between apostrophe and therefor in the alphabet on the cultivar pages.


We list the Saxifrages by their first name, not as we used to do by their binomial ot their group name,let's say their second name.

So...if you looking for example...'Jan Neruda'.....this Sax is listed under the 'J'.......and there you find all other details about him.


We hope you have a good time scrolling through our extensive catalogue and maybe you can find some plants for your rockgarden,through or alpine-house!



In the list you do not find the Prices of the Saxifraga's because all the Saxifrages do have the same Price!

Cultivar,botanical...easy or intro,old cultivar,seldom seen or rare.......

All the Porophyllum Saxifraga's in our catalogue are  3 €uro a piece

And in the way we grow our Saxifrages we are sure this is a low and fair price

90% of our Saxifrages are sold in 4 cm pots when they are still small.  

Saxes which are not sold during the season will be repotted in 7 cm,but the price stays the same.



*Very important Notice*

-The way we grow our Saxifrages-

We grow our Saxifrages in traditional way, which means that we give the plants the time to develop and to grow in a rather natural way.  Without any artificial nutrition and in a natural lean soil with a lot of chippings, so the air and water can flow freely and the roots develop in a healthy and natural way.  We grow them outside not in a tunnel, greenhouse or something like that, but just protected for to much rain when they are young. 


This way growing Saxifraga's take......much, much,much more time than all the overfed and therefor 'Pumped' plants you mostly find elsewhere!

Due this way of growing we can offer you good and hardy Saxifrages which will do much better with a higher survival rate when planted out in your rockgarden.

So as you can understand...we are very proud to grow our plants this way and we do not make any concessions just for faster growth and more stock!

But growing this way can mean that it takes a while for a Saxifraga you are looking for can be back in stock.