'Allendale' Saxifraga's

'Allendale' Saxifraga's are an important group of cultivars for many Saxifraga lovers. They are all crosses made by mr. Raymond Fairbairn from the UK. He named his crosses after the Allendale estate where he lives. Raymond made almost 80 different hybrids, most very good, others beautiful but difficult to grow. We grow almost all of Raymond's cultivars, but do not propagate all of them because some or really difficult to grow even in protected environment like an alpinehouse. The crosses we list are all beautiful and good to grow in our lowland rockgardens. Some need more protection and special conditions. Raymond Fairbairn made his crosses between about 1992-2008, and is one of the most important hybridisers over the last decades. His plants are very sought by collectors. When visiting the nursery it's possible that you can find not listed 'Allendales' in the sales area.

'Allendale Andante'

x arco-valleyi which is a botanical cross between lilacina from, W-Kashmir region Pakistan and India with marginata from the Alps Balkan region. Soft-pink flowers. Give enough light, well drained soil. Bit slow growing. Suitable for Tufstone. Interesting for collectors because the botanical parenthood. 

'Allendale Angel'

Very nice x kepleri intro from Raymond. ferdinandi-coburgi from the Bulgaria-North Greece region crossed with saxifraga cinerea from Nepal! Beautiful sharp spiky leaves. Dislikess wetfeet, so give very well drained soil. Enough direct light, can stand a bit of sun. 

Just for the rosettes it's very worthwile to grow. In a big tufstone it's a pretty sight. Slower growing cv. 


'Allendale Ballet'

Another botanical cross. SEP45 x lilacina, both from the Himalaya region. SEP45 is a collected Saxifraga from the 'Swedish expedition in Pakistan'. So a not named specie or hybrid. Grows well but need a more cooler spot with well drained but moist staying soil. Not too much direct sunlight.

'Allendale Bamby'

Charming cultivar from 1995. it's a x lismorensis what means that she comes from the aretioides x georgei x lilacina x media bloodline. All very, very beautiful plants from this Binomial. Needsbit more attention to grow well. Cool spot, moist staying soil, but not too wet in autumn/winter. Very suitable as showplant in pot. Doing well in alpinehouse. A beauty in a big tufstone. 

'Allendale Beau'

Love this one very much altough it's tricky to grow. Binomial is x lismorensis best in pot or alpinehouse. In the rockgarden is possible with overhead protection in winter. Richer soil but well drained. Cool spot, no sun but plenty of light. Mature plants are covered with beautifull full-pink flowers. Not easy maybe but a musthave for collectors.

'Allendale Beauty'

Good and strong reliable cultivar. 1994, placed in the Harmonie group which is aretioides x cinerea. Again Raymond uses two botanical Saxes. Cinerea from the Himalaya region and the famous aretioides from the Pyrenees. Good cushion with nice rosettes. Give a open spot with well drained soil. Dislikess to much winter wetness. 

'Allendale Betty'

Love this one!  Another x lismorensis cross from Raymond. With some more attention this is a real beauty to grow. Give a more protected spot, richer soil but gritty and well drained. Spot must be cool, roots must be stay moist and cool. No sun on the hottest hours. Excellent showplant in pot or alpinehouse. In tufstone it's a real rockdiamond.

'Allendale Carol'

Charming intro from Raymond. Saxifraga marginata form Sorrento crossed with andersonii from the Himalaya region. Good intermediate rosettes and beautiful shaped whit flowers on a short stem. Needs open spot, good light, can stand bit more sun. Give lean soil, very very well drained for it dislikess wet feet in autumn/winter. I prefer to give overhead protection. 

'Allendale Celt'

Cross 1994, x tukuchensis x poluniniana, binomial x novacastelensis. Cross with Himalaya blood, so cool spot, moist staying roots, no sun between 11.00-16.00. Richer soil but well drained. Give overhead protection when autumn/winter are more wetthan cold. Collectors item.

'Allendale Charm'

Nice one! Cross poluniniana x wendelboi. Himalaya region crossed with one from Iran. Flowers very well, white turning to a pinkish flush when flowers mature. Rather strong no special requirements. 

'Allendale Czech'

Yellow flowering cross 1994, aretioides x georgei. So it's a cross between two rather difficult to grow Saxes. 'Czech' is but more to Georgei so give cool spot, well drained. Dislikess high temperatures in summer. Not so easy but a challenge to grow.

'Allendale Divine'

Botanical cross with Cultivar, Saxifraga iranica and x grata 'Gratoides'. Good rosettes, give open spot with plenty of light. Bit lean, gravelly soil which must be well drained. Feels happy in tufstone.


'Allendale Fairy'

Real rockdiamond. It's lilacina x matta-florida. A real fairy indeed. Good growing and flowering on the right spot. Richer soil, well drained, cool spot, no sun on hottest hours. Not necessary but maybe best with overhead protection in wet autumn/winter. Doing well in tufstone. With some care a real eyecatcher.

'Allendale Fancy'

Maybe not very free-flowering but a nice one with good spiky rosettes. Saxifraga kotschyii x burseriana 'Glria'  Slow growing, for an open and light spot. Poor soil, well drained. Dislikess wet feet in autumn/winter.

'Allendale Host'

Two Saxes from the Himalaya region andersonii and poluniniana gave us thi 'Host' A nice cultivar more close to andersonii, but growing capabilities from poluniniana. Very pleasing to see Sax for open spot, well drained. When flowers become more mature nice pinkish color is in the flower.

'Allendale Hobbit'

One of my favorites. Matta-florida crossed with poluniniana. Hard cushion with small close-packed rosettes. Single white flowers. Bit tricky to grow but once established it's going rather well. Potculture or alpinehouse are good option but outside it's doing fine on the right spot. Well drained, more humusrichsoil, no direct sunlight but no too much shade. Best with winterprotection when autumn/winter are more wet as cold. Challenge to grow. Try in tufstone!

'Allendale Jinn'

Another botanical cross from Raymond. The difficult diapensioides x poluniniana. Intermediate between parents. Although the diapensioides influence it's a rather easy cultivar. Mass of flowers, nice cushion with small rosettes. Try on tufstone,its very nice to see. keep out the sun on the hottest hours, it dislikess high temperatures in summer.

'Allendale Ina'

Rather difficult to grow but beautiful Saxifraga. It's the expedition collected SEP549 x 'Allendale Amber' which is aretioides x lilacina. Very good pink flower color. Doing outside in the rockgarden rather well on a cool more humus rich spot but ofcourse very well drained. Best is to give some winterprotection to keep in good shape. Doing great in tufstone, pot or alpinehouse. With some attention a real juwel in your collection.

'Allendale Jo'

Beautiful but not easy at all. 'Allendale Amber' x lilacina cross. Best in a tufstone or pot/alpinehouse. In the rockgarden on a more sheltered spot. Cool, not too much sun, bit richer moist staying soil. Best with some overhead protection in the winter. It's worth the effort.

'Allendale Magic'

Strange but lovely cross from Raymond.  Saxifraga marginata collected on the Sorrento crossed with georgei from the Himalaya region. More to the Sorrento plant i think. Very nice white flowers on short stem. Nice rosettes make a good darkgreen cushion. It needs a bit sheltered spot, not too shady, but cool and moist staying soil in warm periods. Try out in Tufstone, it's nice!

'Allendale Noon'

One of the later crosse 2008. It's a cross between two Allendales. 'Envoy'and 'Imp'. Sort of Tea-orange flower color. Making a nice hummock. Not a fast grower but doing fine. Also nice in a pot. In the garden i grow it on a open well drained spot with a lot of gravelly soil for a fast drainage in wet periods.


'Allendale Ruby'

Certainly my number 1 Allendale! hypostoma crossed with lilacina. Both parents from the Himalaya region. Best is to grow her in a tufstone which is in good contact with the soil. No direct sunlight, cool spot for she dislikess high temperatures very much. Ofcourse a good Saxifraga to grow in the Alpinehouse. Although it needs more attention a real rockdiamond in your collection.


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