NCC from a Canadian source.  Raiser unknown.  Bit difficult to grow litlle Saxifraga with small pale-yellow flowers somewhat scarse flowering.  Needs winter protection for it dislikes to much rain.  More for the collector.

'Abel Tasman'   x marginata

A peculiar dwarf marginata raised by Bart Moerland.   Very small compact growing rosettes,typical marginata but real small and bit sharper pointed.  Not very free flowering but older plants do better.  White flowers in bud after opening going to a soft tone pink which we se more often in marginata's.  In the garden vunerable for to much moist so take care best in Tufstone or Alpine-house.Slow growing and slow to propagate so not always in stock or very soon sold out because very sought after by connaisseurs.  

'Achnaton'   NCC

2010 Alpigena Nursery raised by B.Moerland.  NCC bench seedling. Bit slow growing. Best in Tuf-stone or potculture.  Difficult to propagate.  Sometimes available.

'Acropolis'   NCC

Probably a seedling of federici-augusti but not certain.  Nice and good Saxifraga with big tough silvery rosettes.  Good dark-purple flowers.  Irregular dome,slow growing.  Can withstand some sun and doing fine on a open gravelly spot.  Can't find the photo's sorry,it's a nice Sax.

'Ada'  x petraschii

Old,seldom seen cultivar raised by R.V.Prichard in 1926.  Slower growing,with beautiful big white flowers.  For a spot which is very well drained and maybe overhead winter protection.  Not always available.


'Aemula'   x borisii

Old Franz Sumdermann cross,before 1913!.  Ferdinandi-coburgi x marginata cross. Typical x borisii Sax with nice seperated petal arrangement.  Doing well on a open well drained spot.

'Affinis'  x petraschii

Beautiful Saxifraga from F.Sundermann,round 2010.  Cross between burseriana and tombeanensis. Pure white big flowers.  The compact growing rosettes form a beautiful grey silvery hillock in poor soil or in a Tuf-stone.  Slower growing and a bit tricky to propagate.  Does not like wet feet in autumn and winter time so very well drained or overhead protection.  Suitable for growing in a pot.

'Afrodite'  sempervivum clone

Collected by Radvan Horny round 1981.  Interesting darker flowering sempervivum clone. For a well drained spot with enough light.  Can withstand some sun.  Slow growing and slow to get rooted,therefor not always in stock.  Very highly in demand.

'Agnes'   x steinii

This is a nice bit different cultivar. It's a aretioides x tombeanensis cross with columnar shaped rosettes,bit open dome and good pure white flowers.  For a open light and well drained spot.  Give poor lean soil for it tends to grow a bit loose. 


'Aladdin'  x borisii

Raised 1967 by H.L Foster.  Ferdinandi-coburgi x marginata. Good light-yellow flowers on medium stem.  This nice Sax requires very good drainage for the roots dislike to much water. To keep in good shape best with overhead protection.  Nice dark green rosettes.

'Alan Martin'   x boydilacina

Nice plant from Rob Potterton with a good soft yellow tone.  Sport of x boydilacina 'penelope'.

Dark green matforming rosettes. Not always so free flowering.

For almost every spot in the rockgarden.  Aretioides x burseriana x lilacina cross.


'Alba'   x apiculata

Very old cultivar,1910,raiser unknown. Marginata x sancta cross. Strong and reliable Sax for almost every spot with enough light,can even withstand some sun.  In good years it gives a mass flowers.

'Albert Einstein'  x apiculata

Also a strong and good growing apiculata.  Marginata x sancta cross.  Strong longlasting flowers.  Open spot with enough light and a bit of sun.

'Albert's Yellow'   NCC

Raised by Albert de Mezy without certain parenthood.  Maybe the best Yellow flower color!   Slower growing Sax,medium stems,beautiful formed dark yellow flowers.  Nice rosettes,bit clustered growing.  Give very well drained soil.  Open spot with enough light.  Keep a eye on it because in wet winters roots can rot. Very interesting for the flower color.

'Albrecht Dúrer'   Coltish Group 

A bit strange cross from the famous mr. Karel Lang and not so easy aswell. It's a cross between x cimgani(albertii x lilacina) and a lowndesii.   More lowndesi influence. Can be a nice plant when grown in a alpine-house.  Out in the garden a protected spot for to much sun,cool roots which must stay bit moist. Winter protection is best. Beautiful Saxifraga for the more experienced grower.

'Aldebaran'   x borisii

ferdinandi-coburgi x marginata cross from Radvan Horny raised round 1976.  Bit slow growing.  For a well drained spot in the open rockery.  Flowers longlasting.

'Aldo Bacci'   Milford Group

A marginata clone collected on the Sorrento crossed with aretioides.  Raised by S.Bacci and A.Young 1994.   Very nice Saxifraga!  Good multiple flowers of a soft tone yellow.  Does make a nice dome with it's good rosettes.  Doing well in the open garden on a spot sheltered for the sun on hottest hours.  Give well drained gravelly gravelly soil.  

'Alexander Humboldt'  Expedition Group.

aretioides x columnaris cross made by Karel Lang in 2012. Considering the parents not so easy,but doing rather well,but slow growing.  Maybe best in Alpine-house, or pot culture.  Bur out here in the rockgarden doing well in very well drained gravelly soil. Sometimes available due to the slow growth and rooting.

'Alfons Mucha'  NCC 

This Non classible cultivar is the living example that Saxifraga's without knowing the parents for certain can be real 'Rock Diamonds'!  Raised in 1970 by the wellknown Frantisek Holenka.  Love this Sax very much with it's cerise-pink colored flowers, very cute bit columnar rosettes.  Delightful Sax in Tuf-stone. Always high in demand so you must be lucky to obtain this very popular orphan.

'Alice'   Milford Group

marginata 'Milica' x aretioides by Malcom McGregor 2002. Nice but somewhat slow growing yellow flowering Sax.  Needs bit protected spot when in the open garden.  Can withstand some sun but dislike wetfeet.

'Allendale Acclaim'   x lismorensis

Beautiful cross 1994,from the famous hybridiser Raymond Fairbairn.  It's a bloodline with aretioides x georgei x lilacina x media.  Fine color,darker onside. Needs a cool spot without to much sun but not to shady.  Well drained more humus rich soil.  And when winter is more wet than cold,best with overhead protection.

'Allendale Accord'  NCY

Nice NCY (not classified yet) Saxifraga,it's across between diapensioides and lilacina which is ofcourse interesting considering the parents. Nice dome,small rosettes and a delicate soft tone flowers which is a very very pale pinkish-white. Reliable and strong for most spots in the garden.  bit slow growing.

'Allendale Allure'   NCY

Photo by Adrian Young.  One of the most beautiful Allendales in my humble opinion. Cross between stolitzkae and aretioides,closer to stolitzkae but the color from the small aretioides.  Requires a very wel drained spot,enough light can withstand some sun but not on the hottest hours in summer ofcourse.  Prefer overhead protection in winter.  Doing well in Alpine-house or tufstone.  Slow growing and vunerable to humid conditions.  Very special Sax,sometimes available also due to the somewhat tricky rooting.

'Allendale Amber'   NCY

Very hard to get and seldom seen but breathtaking Sax from Raymond Fairbairn.  It's aretioides x lilacina giving the amberish flower color.  Slow growing,give cool spot with more humus rich soil but awfull well drained.  Maybe best in Alpine-house.  Propagation slow and difficult.  One of the most wanted Saxes in the circuit.  Sometimes available also due to lack of enough cutting material.

'Allendale Ambience'   NCY

This rare and difficult Saxifraga is a cross between the botanical stolitzkae and hypostoma.   Think best in the Alpine-house.  White flowers.  Sometimes available

'Allendale Andante'   x arco-valleyi

A lilacina x marginata var.boryi cross.  Nice rosettes more marginata like.  Love the soft rose tone of the flowers,most delightfull!  Dislikess to humid condition,so best om open spot with enough wind circulation,cool,shady spot with well drained but more humus rich soil.  Like her in Tufstone and Alpine-house.  Very recommendable.

'Allendale Angel'   x kepleri

Lovely Saxifraga,with good multiple yellow flowers on a medium stem. Best part is the rosettes,which are spiny like 'Drakula',not surprising considering the parents being ferdinandi-coburgi and cinerea.  Strong plant outside when planted on a open well drained spot.  Dislikess to wet feet so keep an eye on her.  Big plants are better with winter protection.

'Allendale Argonaut'   NCY

cinerea x lilacina a very well chosen combination which gives us a deleicate flower color with more cinerea like rosettes.  Perfect Sax for a Tufstone or Alpine-house because outside it needs some extra attention due it's very vunerable for wet roots.  Well drained spot and early overhead protection will do the trick.  Some years i noticed the flower color is much more intense than the other.  Highly in demand.

'Allendale Ballad'   NCY

Special Saxifraga from Mr.Fairbairn a cross between media and diapensioides  two most intruiging botanical Saxifrages.  Problems is that the growth is very slow and therefor not easy to make enough cuttings.  Needs humus rich soil which is well drained.  Maybe best as potplant in Alpine-house.  You must be lucky,we do propagate it,but it's one of the most wanted Saxes by collectors.

'Allendale Ballet'   NCC

Peculiar Saxifraga cros,it's the expedion collected sep45 with a lilacina.  More sep45 like but smaller rosettes.  As you can see it flowers bit scarse but older plants do much better.  Always a challenge to grow Saxes like 'Ballet'.  Will do outside on a cool moist staying spot but well drained which is not so easy.  Maybe best in Alpine-house to achieve the best results with this cross.

'Allendale Bamby'  x lismorensis

Stunning cross! It's georgei x   x anglica 'Quarry Wood'.  Like most lismorensises Bamby needs a more shady cool spot with humus rich soil but well drained.  Big plants are best with overhead protection in wet winters.  Also a stunning plant on the showbench of your Alpine-house.  Lovely bud color. The darker centre of the flowers are making the differnce?

'Allendale Banshee'   NCY

Seldom seen and offered Saxifraga.  Cross between media and georgei which is bit odd.  Strange thing,not very free flowering.  Sometimes in stock but not often due to some difficulties it gives and the scarse flowering.

'Allendale Baron'   NCY

Strange and maybe therefor interesting for collectors.  But not so easy to grow ell in my humble opinion.  Difficult and vunerable when growing outside,so maube best in Alpine-house.  It's a cross between aretioides from Europe and georgei from the Himalaya range.  I'm honest he is seldom available tue to his difficulties.

'Allendale Bauble'   NCY

Well chosen combination between media and lilacina. Slow growing but once established doing fine.  Give the right spot because it dislikess wet feet very much in winter.  Best with early overhead protection in winter or as potplant in Alpine-house.  Not in a regular base in stock and highly in demand by collectors.

'Allendale Beau'   x lismorensis

Another georgei x 'Quarry Wood' cross.  Beautiful Sax but for more skilled growers.  Outside she requires a cool more shady spot with humus rich very well drained soil which stays cool and moist in summer.  So maybe best to grow her in a pot in the Alpine-house.  Does not like high temperatures!  

'Allendale Beauty'   Harmonie Group

And a beauty she is!  aretioides x lilacina,more to cinerea for the rosettes.  Aretioides coming back in the flowers.  Soft red stems with very good yellow multiple longlasting flowers.  Needs a very,very well drained soil,please keep that in mind.  Does not like wet roots to long in autumn and winter.  Good in a pot. Great Sax!

'Allendale Betty'  x lismorensis

One of my personal favorites,for what it's worth for you.  Super flower color,darker in centre. Great to see her in full bud!  It's also a georgei x 'Quarry Wood' cross so a cool bit shady spot with well drained more humus rich soil.  Can be superbe on the showbench.  Dislikess wet winters and temperatures above 30 celcius in summer.

'Allendale Billows'    NCY

Love this superbe Sax very much well chosen cross by the famous hybridiser Raymond Fairbairn,father of all the Allendale Saxifrages!  It's a McBeath 1379 which is alpigena crossed with wendelboi.  Doing well in the rockery aswell in Tufstone.  Popular Saxifraga for it's overall appearance,espacially the good longlasting flowers.

'Allendale Blossum'   x lismorensis

More difficult saxifragha coming from georgei x 'Quarrywood'  Bit tricky to root and maube best in Alpine-house.  Not on a regular base available.

'Allendale Blush' NCY

Interesting cross,'Rosina Sundermann x lilacina.  Lovely flower color.  More to lilacina therefor cool spot,keep out the sun between 11.00-16.00 hours.  Best with winterprotection or Alpine-house. For more skilled growers.

'Allendale Bonny'   NCY

aretioides crossed with georgei,superbe cross.  Somewhat soft fleshy rosettes with beautiful sparkle at the tip.  Very good and strong yellow multiple flowers on short stem.  Give cool,moist spot without sun on the hottest hours.  Will do beautiful in tufstone or as showplant.

'Allendale Boon'   x izari

aretioides crossed with sempervivum gives us a true fine cultivar with beautiful multiple orangeish flowers on a long stem.  Good sturdy rosettes which make an irregular hummock.  Not a fast but steady grower for a well drained open spot outside.  Can withstand some sun.  A Good one!

'Allendale Bounty'   NCY

Another surprsingly well worked out cross from Mr.Fairbairn.  This is the desirable diapensioides crossed with one of the more beautiful cultivars, x goringana 'Nancye'.  Good compact bit columnar growing rosettes with a silvery color.  Flowers a soft pinkish tone with more red in the centre when ripe.  Slow growing and not so easy to propagate and therefor not on a regular base in stock.  In the rockery give a well drained spot,poor lean soil gives an even more compact plant with a better rosette color.  In Tufstone ofcours even slower growing but very worthwile.  Highly in demand.

'Allendale Bravo'  x lismorensis

And indeed a 'Bravo' for Ray Fairbairn!,this lismorensis is amazing.  Also a georgei crossed with x anglica 'Quarry Wood'. Give a spot out of the sun,cool staying,bit moist staying humus richer soil...but ofcourse..and again...well drained.  Saw one in a Tufstone and it was of an incredibale beauty.  Good for the showbench.   Litlle treasure! 

'Allendale Cabal'   NCC

'Cumulus' x lilacina a surprisingly good Saxifraga.  Rather easy for a bit shady cool spot.  Well flowering with a pinkish-white color and pinkish flushes in the petals.  Good growth and flowering.  Popular Saxifraga.

'Allendale Carol'   NCY

The magical marginata wild collected on the Sorrento crossed with andersonii from the Himalaya range.  Beautiful rosetteswith short stem and big multiple pure-white flowers.  Slower growing and slower to propagate.  Give very good drained soil with a lot of chippings for it hates wet feet.  In wet winters best with overhead protection.  

'Allendale Cavalier'   NCY

Pure-white flowers,rather tricky plant to grow well,best in pot/Alpine-house.  Cross between the rare diapensioides and x goringana 'Nancye'.  Slow growing and find her vunerable for to humid conditions.  Sometimes available.

'Allendale Celt'  x novacastelensis

Great Sax cross but not so easy and sometimes short-lived.  Think due to the complex bloodline which is x tukuchensis (andersonii x hypostoma) crossed with poluniniana.  Nevertheless many Alpine-lovers just want to grow 'Celt'.  Worth to try as potplant in Alpine-house.  In the rockery it's possible but very well drained humus rich soil and overhead protection in rainy periods.  Always fast sold out,sorry.

'Allendale Charm'   Swing Group

poluniniana x wendelboi cross.  Good and easy for most spots outside.  Good for the showbench.  Mass of flowers and a good grower.

'Allendale Chick'

aretioides x georgei a lovely cross!  Soft tone of yellow,rosettes with sparkles on the tip of leaves.  Give a sheltered spot,bit cool and not to much sun.  Well drained,humus rich.  Grows well and flowers freely.  Very much sought for by collectors.  

Many qualify this 'Chick' among Raymonds best creations.

'Allendale Citation'   NCY

True fine and good cultivar born from the beautiful cinerea with diapensioides.  Pure-white longlasting multiple flowers on stem.  Love the more cinerea like rosettes.  Will do outside on a sheltered spot.which is very well drained.  Nice to grow in a pot. 

'Allendale Czech'

Interesting cross between aretioides and georgei but more for the challenge because i do not find it easy to grow.  Best in pot/Alpine-house.  Sometimes in stock but not on a regular base.

'Allendale Dance'

One can easily fall in love with this cute rare litlle thing!  It's the seldom seen burseriana minor crossed with iranica.  Photo is not so good,but this Sax has nice litlle hard rosettes,reasonable flowers.  Very,very slow growing and not so easy to please.  We grow it just outside but well drained on a dryer spot but not to much sun and it's gong so so...   Due to the difficult propagation not always in stock.

'Allendale Delight'   NCY

Litlle treasure but needs special requirements to grow well.  Due to the tricky combination she is...'Allendale Amber' (aretioides x lilacina) x lowndesii.  We grow her very well outside in a area with just some early morning and late afternoon sun.  In summer the spot stays cool.  Soil with more humus but also awfull well drained and in winter some overhead protection.  Alpine-house.  Worth the efforts to grow. Stunning to see a mature plant in bud aswell in full flower!.

'Allendale Desire'   NCC

andersonii x  x wendelacina,litlle Rockdiamond in my humble opinion.  Love the multiple soft toned rose flowers.  Good bit fleshy light green rosettes.  Give a sheltered spot for to much sun aswell rain or in a pot for the Alpine-house.  

'Allendale Divine'   NCY

Bit strange but i think recommendable cross between iranica and x grata 'Gratoides'.  Cute rosettes with light-yellow flowers for a more open light spot just outside in the rockgarden.

'Allendale Dream'   NCY

lilacina x sep549,delightfull Saxifraga especially for the soft rose flowers.  Flat mat of small rosettes.  For a cool somewhat shady spot.  Soil welldrained but not to lean,give some more humus.  Nor a fast one but going steady.

'Allendale Duo'   NCY

Breathtaking beauty for the big superbe rosettes.  Very small litlle multiple flowers on long stem.  It's a cross between luteo-viridis and stolitzkae.  Slow to grow and to propagate and pitty enough not so easy to please.  Best in pot/Alpine-house.  Always fast sold out,sorry you must be lucky.

'Allendale Eden'     NCY

Desirable Saxifraga from an interesting cross lilacina x lowndesii.  Give cool spot without the sun,maybe bit of morning sun or late afternoon.  Dislikess high temperatures in summer.  Big soft pink flowers,waved petals. Slow growing. Worth the challenge!

'Allendale Elegance'    NCY

Wonderfull cross,it's a lilacina with lowndesi one of the two most desirable species for most collectors.  Doing great just outside in a humus richer soil medium with enough chippings to keep the roots not to wet in rainy periods.  In winter some overhead protection when winter is more wet than cold.  Also great for the showbench.  Highly wanted cultivar!

'Allendale Elf'

A Sax to fall in love with!   Another from the famous Raymond Fairbairn the creator of all Allendales.  It's alpigena crossed with the most wanted cultivar ever... x anglica 'Winifred'.  What a combination!  As you can understand highly in demand so you must be bit lucky.  Grow her on a cool bit moist spot.  Eyecatcher in a Tufstone or pot/Alpine-house.

'Allendale Elite'   NCY

lilacina e lowndesii,what a cross!   Needs cool spot,no sun on hottest hours.  Humus rich but well drained soil.  Flower color can be changing by the year,sometimes much darker like in this picture.  

'Allendale Enchanter'   NCY

kotschyi x alpigena,charming cultivar which combines two complete different botanical Saxes.  Best on a well drained spot without to much sun on hottest hours.  Flowers multiple on short stem with good orange coloring anthers towards ripening. Real fresh looking Sax.

'Allendale Envoy'   NCY

To be honest this cross between kotschyi x wendelboi is not the best Allendale.  Ver scarse flowering and even seasons without any flowers!  Think due the lack of right enviroment those two caucasian specie need.  Rosettes are nice and make a hard hummock.  Can withstand some sun and doing well on a open and light spot in gravelly soil.