Allendale Epic   Ferdinandi-Coburgi x wendelboi


Bit slow growing but very nice Saxifraga.   Requires a more open and light spot on well drained soil for it dislikes wet roots.   Small,round hard well formed rosettes.  The red in the stems make a good contrast with the fresh yellow of the flowers.   

'Allendale Fairy'   NCY

Interesting cross between the Queen of the Himalaya Lilacina and the rare matta-florida.  Rosettes more to matta-florida but bigger,flowers more to lilacina.  This nice bit delicate cross requires a cool more shady spot with a humus rich well drained soil.   Please no sun on hottest hours.  Once established she can do without winterprotection.  Will surprise you in Tufstone.  Recommendable!

'Allendale Fancy'   kotschyi x  burseriana 'Gloria'

Light-yellow multiple flowers on medium stems.  Maybe the best part is the rosettes.  Nice spike good mix of both parents. Dislikes to wet roots so give very well drained soil and when winter is more wet than cold best with overhead protection. 

'Allendale Garnet'   NCY

Daring cross from Mr.Magic Raymond Fairbairn,hypostoma x lilacina.  Cool,bit shady spot with stays cool during summer.  Good humus rich soil with a lot of chippings for drainage.  Think in our lowland gardens best with overhead protection during winter.  Maybe best as potplant in Alpine-house.  For more skilled growers.

'Allendale Ghost'  NCY

 Nice cultivar,cross between ramsarica and poluniniana.  Steady grower,looks well in Tufstone.  Reasonable strong,but only early morning sun or late afternoon..  Requires well mixed soil,humus,chippings.


'Allendale Goblin'   NCY

poluniniana x kotschyi,maybe a strange combination but the good grower poluniniana makes the kotschyi influence more acceptable.  True fine and strong reliable Sax for almost any spot in the open rockgarden. On a big Tufstone it becomes a real eyecatcher.  Popular Saxifraga.

'Allendale Grace'   NCY

A thrilling cross this lilacina x columnaris combination!  One of my personal favorites,for what it's worth to you.  Love the darkgreen cushion with the tiny bit fleshy rosettes.  Beautiful flower color with the dark centre towards ripening.  Semi-reflexed petals which give the flower a majestic appearance. Superbe plant in a Tufstone, a real eyecatcher in a through and Alpine-house.  Doing well in the open garden,think the influence of lilacina does make the difficult columnaris become mild in this cross.  Very high in demand and for a good reason!

'Allendale Gremlin'   NCY

More difficult Saxifraga from the Swedish expedition collection 37 x 45.  Bit slow growth,vunerable for to much moisture.  Best in Alpine-house.  Sometimes available due to lack of enough motherplants and difficulty of rooting.

'Allendale Harvest'  NCY

Good one this ramsarica x ferdinandi-coburgi cross.  Strong,reliable,free flowering for almost any spot in the rockery.  Great in a tufstone.  

'Allendale Hobbit'  NCY

Love this rare cross very much although it requires more attention than most other Saxes.  matta-florida x poluniniana good intermediatabetween these Himalayan species.  Give a cool,moist staying bit shady spot with humus rich soil and ofcourse very well drained.  Best with overhead protection to keep in better condition.  As you can see on the photo the plant does have some frost damaged but always recovers during season.  Will do excellent in a well ventilated Alpine-house.  A challenge to grow.

'Allendale Host'  NCY

Cute cross,it's andersonii FJK5 x poluniniana so a Himalayan case.  Love the rosettes which are looking like small dwarfish andersonii rosettes.  Good flowers with the pinkish flash from the poluninana.  Cool spot,best without direct sunlight.  Flowers well.

'Allendale Ice'   NCY

What a combination,two rare and not so easy botanical species diapensioides and vandellii.  Although the difficulty of the parents this offspring is doing better than thought.  Oke,it's slow growing and not so easy to root but in Tufstone or pot acting reasonable well.  In the open like the plant on the photo it needs more attention.  Sheltered spot very well drained.  Overhead protection in winter.  Not on a regular base in stock.

'Allendale Ina'  NCY

sep549 x 'Allendale Amber' is a remarkable and lovely cross from Mr. Fairbairn.  Delicat soft toned flowers,nice small bit fleshy more sep549 like rosettes.  Sheltered spot,bit more cool,not to much sun.  More humus rich soil.  

'Allendale Jinn'  NCY

Wonderful cultivar!  diapensioides x poluniniana give us a strong free flowering hybrid.  Good white flowers,very neat and nice small rosettes.  Good growers for almost any spot in the rockgarden but ofcourse keep out hte sun on hottest hours.  Splendid in Tufstone and good in the Alpine-house.

'Allendale Jo'   NCY

The rare and seldom seen and offered 'Allendale Amber crossed with lilacina an almost odd combination.  Beautiful pinkish-amberish flowers with flashes in the petals.  Slow growth but going well when established.  Needs bit more attention.  Sheltered spot,not to moist so well drained.  Keep out the sun between 12.00-16.00.  Maybe best with overhead protection in our wet climate in winter.  Fast sold out is much asked for.

'Allendale Joy'  x wendelacina

lilacina x wendelboi cross.  Beautiful Saxifraga,but not that easy outside in the alpine-garden,maybe best in Alpine-house. When outside give sheltered spot,very,very well drained annd overhead protection in winter. 

'Allendale King'  NCY

Curious and difficult cross between the rare columnaris and a wellknown burseriana.   Best in Alpine-house or Tufstone.  In the garden difficult and very vunerable for to much moisture.

Slow growing and slow to root.  Sometimes available.

'Allendale Magic'   NCY

And 'Magic' it is!...Superbe cross from mr.Fairbairn between marginata var. boryi and georgei.  Love the fleshy,soft rosettes,pure-white multiple floers on short stem.  This is a great hybrid,rather strong when planted out on a cool spot without to much sun.  Good grower and free flowering.  Very much sought for.

'Allendale News'   NCY

Surprisngly this hybrid between two other 'Allendales' is realy good news!.  It's 'Icon' x  'Dream'.   Delicate plant,good color,but needs more attention outside. Sheltered spot,wthout to much sun,cool spot.  Will do in Tufstone and Alpine-house.  Sometimes one to to keep them all.....

'Allendale Ruby'   NCY

Ruby is the one!,beautiful hybrid.....hypostoma x lilacina.  But...yes there is always a 'but'.....not so easy to please outside in the alpine-garden.  Best in Tufstone as you can see on the photo.  Or as potplant in alpine-house.  In the garden it requires a sheltered spot,behind a alpine-shrub or dwarfconifer.big stone.  Well drained soil.  Overhead protection is best in autumn and winter.

'Allendale Snow'   x rayei

burseriana x wendelboi hybrid. Fine white Sax,bit slow developing and needs very well drained soil for it dislikes wetfeet.  Best in alpine-house?

'Amberglow'   x anglica

Ian Spencer hybrid 1999.  Parents not certain so therefor i think doubtful state it as x anglica.  But whatever it's a beautiful Sax which will do great in the alpinegarden on a more sheltered and somewhat shady spot.  No further requirements.  Bit slow growing,irregular growing cushion.

It's in demand so you must be lucky.  

'Amberine'  x anglica

Sister seedling of 'Amberglow',also by Ian Spencer 1999.  Smaller rosettes,bit more close packed growing and the cushion is growing more flat.  Flowers more intense as in ; Amberglow' and smaller.  In bud darker.  Like above it's groing very well outside on a bit sheltered spot without further rewuirements.  One of the most popular Saxes in the circuit and almost on every orderlist we receive so fast sold out.

'Amedeo Modiglani'    Toscana Group.

It's a x anglica 'Winifred' x x elisabethae  'Galahad' cross.  Pretty Saxifraga with a sort of light buff flower color and nice red in the stem and sepals.  Sharply pointed rosettes.  Hybrid from S.Bacci & A.Young 1991.  Not ofteen seen but a recommendable one!  In the garden it needs a gravelly soil on a open and light spot.  Can withstand some sun.  Cute in Tufstone.

'Amerigo Vespucci'   Continent Group

Karel Lang 2010 columnaris x ramsarica.  Strange combination which worked out reasonable well i think.  In the open we grow this hybrid on a sheltered spot,but with enough light and even some sun.  Very well drained for it dislikes wetfeet due to the columnaris influence i think.  Lovely flowers in bud after opening quick fading to a very light but charming pink.  Superbe for a Tufstone or potculture in alpine-house.  Slow growing and slow to root,therefor not always available.

'Amitie'   x gloriana

Russel Vincent Prichard 1925,old cultivar which requires some special attention.  Vunerable in the rockgarden for moisture so best on a spot where it stays bit dry in rainy periods and ofcourse in winter best with overhead protection.  Worth the challenge for it's soft pinkish delicate flowers.  Small rosettes more to lilacina.  Flowers more to obtusa.

'Amsterdam'   NCC

Nice non classible cultivar from B.Moerland.  Selected from some garden seedlings growing in a tufstone.  Slow growing and does not like to much moisture.  So well drained spot with a lot of chippings. Nice flowers with somewhat irregular petals.  When winter is more wet than cold maybe best with overhead protection.  A fine chance seedling.  

'Amy'   x bhratangensis

J.Mullaney 1996 cinerea x poluniniana.  Think a lovely hybrid which is doing superbe in the open rockgarden.  Growth and flowering are very well and moisture resistance is oke.  Lovely to see in bud,opoening with a dark unusual flower color slowly fading to a lighter pink.  Rosettes more to cinerea.  Very good introduction.

'Ancient Queen'   NCC

Remarkable gardenseedling from the Alpigena Nursery. Can't find the photo's at the moment.  Looks like sempervivum influence.  Silvery rosettes,spiky. Dark-purple flowers engleria type.  Slower growing but steady once established.  Give open spot with even some sun.  Lean good drainaged soil mixture.  Bit slow to propagate and therefor not on a regular base in stock.  Highly in demand.

'Andrea'   x bertolonii

Radvan Horny 1981.  From the sempervivum x stribrnyi bloodline,but parents doubtful?.  A firm looking hybrid,strong and beautiful.  Slow growing and requires more humus rich soil which is well drained. Open spot with even some sun.  Difficult to propagate due to the slow growing and rooting. Sometimes in stock and than ofcourse always gone as Speedy Gonzales!

'Andrea Cesalpino'   NCY

x borisii 'Sofia' x stolitzkae gives a interesting hybrid in my humble opinion.  Like the multiple soft toned yellow floers on medium long stem.  Cute looking rosettes with a lot of stolitzkae influence.  On a well drained light open spot she is doing well.  Think a recommendable cultivar for any collection.

'Anna'   x fontnae

diapensioides x ferdinandi-coburgi hybrid from Oldrich Maixner 1997. Very good underestimated cultivar with good multiple yellow flowers.  Handsome rosettes,nice small and spiny.  Doing great on a open and light spot and can withstand some sun.  

'Anne Beddal'   x goringana

Rockdiamond from Winton Harding 1987,it's cinerea x  x anglica 'Winifred'  Doing well on most spots when roots do not keep wet to long.  Lovely in Tufstone as you can see on the pic.  Steady growth,making a nice litlle hummock with those more cinerea like silvery rosettes.  


'Annemarie'   x grata

Franz Súndermann 1915,an old and seldome seen but handsome hybrid.  aretioides x ferdinandi-coburgi cross which is always interesting especially for the nice rosettes.  Bit slow growing.but doing well once established.  Open spot,good light,poor soil is the best. 

'Antonin Dvorak'   NCC

Pretty 'Hocker Edge' seedling by Miroslav Kraus 1987.  Slow growing but solid. Perfect Tufstone Sax.  In the alpine-garden a spot with good light bit more humus rich soil but ofcourse very well drained for it do not like to have wet roots to long.

Recommendable hybrid.

'Antonio'   x bertolonii

Firm engleria type from the hand of Franz Súndermann round 1906,so a very old hybrid!  Needs enough light and poor soil to keep in good compact shape and ofcourse well drained.  Longlasting  purplish-pink flowers.  Growth slow,the same with the propagation and therefore not in a regular base in stock.  As one can understand,highly in demand by connaisseurs.

'Antwerpen'  NCC

More difficult to please seedling found in the rockgarden of the Alpigena Nursery round 2005.  Multiple good white flowers on long stem.  Rosettes very irregular forming sort of clusters,spiny.  Outside a tricky Sax which dislikess to much moisture,so keep that in mind.  Always poor lean soil with a lot of chippings and ofcourse a litlle roof in winter to keep a live.  Doing well in pot for the alpine-house.  Growth is slow,propagation difficult.  A handsome chance seedling for more skilled collectors.  Sometimes available but much in demand.

'Antonio Vivaldi'   NCC

sep22 x lowndesi by Karel Lang 2002.  Like this hybrid a lot altough it needs more attention than most other saxes.  It's a Himalayan bloodline so give a cool,moist staying spot which...and that is sometimes difficult...does have a good drainage also.  In wet winters it tends to get brown,so keep an eye on him.  Big flowers of a good pink-rose color.  Nice lightgreen fleshy rosettes wit a sparkle on tip.  Uncommon cultivar worth the extra work.

'Apollo'   x borisii

Seldom seen and offered x borissi from H.L.Foster round 1969.  ferdinandi-coburgi x marginata,but there's some doubt excepting this hybrid.  Nevertheless it's a nice softer yellow multiple flower,long stem.  Rosettes which indicate the cros,slow growing.  'Apollo' is not so easy to pleas i found out.  Maybe safer in alpine-hous or on a sheltered spot in the garden in awfull well drained soil.  Propagation bit slow.  Sometimes available.

'Arabella'   x edithae

Like all the edithae's....'Arabella' is a lovely cultivar with her solid silvery green rosettes,stems with multiple small pretty flowers which are very longlasting.  Maybe not the best in Tufstone,but as you can see on this pic a litlle one is doing well.  In the open garden give a spot with enough light even some sun.  Not difficult,but just slow growing.  Popular Saxifraga which is always fast sold out.


More details in due time

'Arco'   x arco-valleyi

Hybrid of the extraordinary category raised by F.Sundermann round 1919.  lilacina x marginata bloodline.  Beautiful flower petals waved and overlapping with pinkish veins glowing.  Love the solid small close packed rosettes.  Great in a tufstone and through.  Needs a bit attention when growing outside,it does not like to much rain so you have to solve that.

Growth is slow like the propagation.  Highly in demand.

'Aretiastrum'   x boydii

This old hybrid -1915-  from Franz Súndermann is not much going around in the circuit nowadays.  A fine Sax but needs well drained soil for it dislikess wet winters.  Love this Sax in Tufstone or pot in the alpine-house.  Sorry can't find the photo.....

'Argia Romani'   NCY

Strange hybrid from Sergio Bacci and Adrian Young 1992. It's x poluanglica 'Red Poll' crossed with a diapensioides.  Not so fast but steady growing.  Doing reasonable well outside when not to wet in winter and avoid sunlight on middle of the day.

Photo by Adrian Young.

'Ariane'  NCC

x boydii 'luteola' seedling from M.Kraus 1987.  Not often seen but a nice hybrid i think.  Maybe bit tricky with to much rain.  Slower growing,nice very light yellow flowers.


'Ariel'   x hornibrookii

Special cultivar like all the x hornibrookii's!  Maybe not so easy to grow because they all hate wetfeet and to much rain on their litlle heads but worth the challenge when you can obtain one! lilacina x stribrnyi is the bloodline but the parents stated in the explore saxbase of the Saxifraga society is impossible because 'Ariel'is much older than the given parents.  Slow growing and best in alpine-house as potculture.  Difficult to propagate and one of the most searched for Saxes.


'Armida'   x boeckeleri

Love the Engleria types very much always good robust en tough looking Saxes.  'Armida'is an old hybrid from F.Súndermann round 1913.  Most engleria's do very well in the alpine-garden when planted in good gravelly fast draining soil.  They even can withstand a reasonable amount of sun.  The growth is slow like the propagation.  A real challenge to obtain one.

'Artemis'   x megaseaeflora(?)

Nice x megaseaeflora 'Jupiter' seedling by Moroslav Kraus 1990.  Smal pointed rosettes and softer-pink flowers.  A neat litlle thing which will do good in a Tufstone.  

'Arthur'   x anglica

Oh..that good old Arthur is still one of the best hybrids ever made!  It's from round 1934 and we do not know the raiser.  He is the living proof that most new hybrids still can beat this wonderfull rockdiamond.  Doing well on almost any spot,even in tufstone,through,alpine-house.  Perfect dark flower color,good strong rosettes.  A must have for every alpine lover whom takes him or her self serious.  One of the most asked for Saxes,so fast sold out.

'Arthur Schopenhauer'  NCY

More details in due time

'Ashra'   x sempervivum

Selected from batch of sempervivum seedlings for it's small appearance.  Reddish-purple flowers.  Does wel on any poor lean soil with enough light and even some sun.  Like most sempervivum hybrids and clones it does not like wetfeet.  Nice intro from B.Moerland round 2009.

'Assimilis'  x petraschii

Wellknown old cultivar -1910- F.Súndermann.  Good white flowers.  I'ts a burseriana x tombeanensis hybrid so like all the other x petraschii's  nice rosettes!  Doing fine on most spots and love to see one in a through or tufstone.  Very recommendable for every itself respecting collection.

'Asterix'   NCY

Brother seedling of 'Obelix'.  Somewhat smaller in all parts but also firm engleria rosettes. Purplish flowers.  For open spot with enough light and can withstand some sun.  Slow growing and therefor not always on a regular base in stock.

'Athena'   NCC

Selection from M.Kraus and a recommendable one!  Doing great in the garden with good light and poor soil to keep in compact shape and give the wonderfull silvery rosettes.  Good growing,without further problems.  A living proof that 'bastards' can be of great value!  On most order lists so fast sold out.

'Atlas'   x stribrnyi

More details in due time.

'August Hayek'   x leyboldii

Sorry again i can not find a photo.  From Franz Súndermann comes this old -1915- cultivar,it's marginata x vandellii.  Seldom seen and offered Sax.  And we aswell cannot deliver this pretty Sax on a regulary base due to lack of motherplants.  Slower growing. White flowers multiple on stems.

'Auguste Renoir'   Decor Group

One of the painter hybrids of Karel Lang Czech Republic 2006.  Bit slower growing than the other painter Saxes and bit vunerable for moist condition when planted out in the rockgarden i found out. It's x polulacina 'Kathleen'crossed with kotschyi.  Will thrive very well in a tufstone and through. Flowers reddish-pink but fading fast to softer color tone.

'Augustus'   NCC

Named after the Roman enperor Augustus.  Collected from a tufstone in the motherplant area of the Alpigen nursery round 2008.  Rosettes indicate burseriana influence but not sure.  Beautiful big white flowers on a short stem.  Doing well on a open spot,well drained.  Does not like wetfeet i found out.  Pitty enough the beautiful cushion is very close packed so taking cuttings is a problem and therefor not on a regular base in stock.

'Avalon'   NCC

More details in due time.

Ayer's Rock'   x goringana

Sunning Saxifraga,most say one of the best hybrids ever made and i must say it's in my personal top 10 !.  Ian Spencer ofcourse with this Rock Diamond 2004.  Bloodline is aretioides x cinerea x lilacina x media.  Do not know the exact combi but more to cinerea.  Color is of a amberish-pink and catches the eye immediately!  Best in through or tufstone i think.  But doing rather well just outside in the rockgarden although i noticed when winter is more wet than cold it's better to give a litlle roof above iut's beautiful head.  One of the most wanted Saxes for several years now,so don't be angry it's sold out.

'Ayla'    x stolitzkae

Wonderfull hybrid from the wellknown Dutch alpine nursery man Ger van den Beuken 2004.  Lovely multiple white flowers on medium stem.  Like the stolitzkae like rosettes very much.  Doing well in the open alpine garden when planted in heavy gravelly and well drained soil.  In tufstone and through a real eyecatcher.  Must have.


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