'Banshee'   x fallsvillagensis

H.L.Foster 1967 ,bloodline is burseriana x marginata x tombeanensis,the exact combi i do not know.  Problem is that this interesting hybrid is not so long lived.  Does have proplems in a wet climate,so best in alpine-house in my very humble opinion.  Slow growth and propagation often just sometimes available.

'Baucis'  NCY

Impressive hybrid from Oldrich Maixner Czech republic.  It's a dinninaris (dinnikii x columnaris) crossed with ferdinandi-coburgi. All the different influences one can find back.  Love this handsome Sax specialy for the wonderfull buds!  Flowers going slowly to a light amberish-yellowish.  Excellent in tufstone or through.  To keep in good shape i prefer overhead protection in wet autumn and winters,just to be sure.  Propagation and growth go well but somewhat slow,therefor not always in stock and when...yes..good guess...very fast sold out.

'Basel'  NCC

Garden seedling from the Alpigena Nursery.  Maybe somewhat sloppy growing flowers but a pleasing and good growing and flowering non classible cultivar which is wort a place in any collection.  Best on open and light spot,no special requirements. Probably a marginata seedling?

'Babylon'   NCC

Engleria type,in due time more details

'Beatles'   Beat Group

Ofcourse a stunning color this cross between lowndesii and x anglica 'Winifred'.  Very well chosen by Jan Búrgel from the Czech Republic.  All in all more to lowndesi therefor a cool spot without to much sun.  Humus rich soil,and keep an eye on him during wet winters,rosettes can be vunerable.  Great showplant and a deklight in tufstone aswell a eyecatcher in a through.  Extraordinary Saxifraga according many alpine lovers.  Ofcourse always fast sold out.

'Beatrix Stanley'   x anglica

Russel Vincent Prichard,a 'Golden Oldie' from 1924 and still beating most new intro's.  Superbe Saxifraga,because its'beautiful and easy to grow which we can not say about most newcomers!  Probably lilacina x luteo-purpurea nm godroniana.  Strong,reliable just a must have without any doubt.

'Becky Foster'   x borisii

H.L.Foster 1973.  Ferdinandi-coburgi x marginata bloodline.  Very good x borisii,do not have a photo strangly enough.  Yellow flowers with handsome rosettes. Prefers a light open even a bit sunny spot.  But very well drained,for it shows problems when roots stay wet in long rain periods.  Stays compact in tufstone.

'Bedrich Smetana'  NCC

Maybe a x marginata because intermedia x var boryi?  From M.Kraus.  Pretty hybride for sure!  Love the different formed delicate looking multiple flowers,sort of silky look.  Special formed rosettes most people love this hybrid!  Only thing is that she's a bit vunerable for to much moisture so keep an eye on her.  But doing well overhere outside in avery well drained soil.

'Beinn Alligin'   x concinna

cinerea x dinnikii cross from J.Mullaney 2003.  Interesting combination ofcourse good intermediate.  The offspring is easier i think than the parents when planted out in the open rockgarden.  Delicate looking flowers with shining pinkish color,very beautiful!

'Beinn Resipole'   x concinna

Another beauty from J.Mullaney 2003.  Think the multiple flowers on long stems are rather strange for this cross?  Robust rosettes,lovely flowers as you can see wich are very longlasting!  Doing very well but please watch out en take care of very very good drainage.  Bit slow and also slow to root.


In due time more details.

'Bellisant'   x hornibrookii

Extraordinary Saxifraga,which is not so easy to please.   Raised by the famous Russell Vincent Prichard around 1925.  It's a lilacina x stribrnyi bloodline maybe straight?  As you can see it's possible to grow her outside in the alpine-garden.  We grow her on a more shady but not to dark spot.  More humus rich soil but with much chippings for a good drainage.  The first years with some cover in winter but when once established she's doing wel but slow.  Propagation is also slow and bit tricky so just sometimes available.

'Berenika'   x bertolonii

I'm very fond of this hybrid,although it's tough cookie.  Slow growing and needs a poor lean soil which drains awfull quickly.  Can withstand a reasonable amount of sun.  Beautifull silvery grey and spiky rosettes. Reddish-pink flowers.  Propagation is also tough,sometimes available.

'Bertramka'   x megaseaeflora

Stupid enough no photo of this lovely Sax raised by Frantisek Holenka.  Cross between x anglica 'Winifred' and x boydii 'Hind Head Seedling'.  Cute amberish-yellow flowers on reddish stems.  Smal spiny rosettes.  Doing well,no special requirements.

'Beryl'   x anglica

Another 'Golden Oldie',1925 R.V.Prichard but still unbeatable by many of the latest newcomers.  Pleasing hummock,growing almost on any spot.  Beautiful in tufstone,through,pot in the alpine-house.  In the garden no special requirements.  Lovely in bud going to a good pink and very slow fading lighter.  Still one of the best 'Rockdiamonds'.  

'Beryl Bland'    Sugestivo Group

Handsome cross from the master of hybridisation Karel Lang Czech repuplic 2009.  This special hybrid is probably columnaris x stribrnyi and named after Beryl Bland,lady of the Ligulatea!   Pitty is that the growth is slow likewise propagation and therefor not always in stock and soon sold out.  Strong and reliable outside but needs humusricher soil which is well drained.  Perfect Sax in a pot.

'Bettina'   x paulinae

One of the first to flower this lovely hybrid raised by Franz Súndermann 1915.  Another living proof that the older cultivers are much better and stronger than the 'meltingpot' newcomers nowadays.  Without problems in the rockgarden.  Sometimes the first buds and flowers in december,but that's no problem because she frost hardy and flowers on.  Beautiful contast with the red stems and yellow flowers and that combined with the pleasing darkergreen rosettes.  Recommendable must have!

'Biegleri'   NCC

 Parents not confirmed,looks like tombeanensis x burseriana is x petraschii.  But it's a interesting hybrid with pretty pure-white flowers!   Tends to grow bit elongated,so give a very open and light position and even some sun.  F.Súndermann round 1936 and a seldom seen and offered rare saxifraga.

'Big Ben'   NCC

Said to be the same as x kayei 'kewensis' and so a burseriana var.major x stribrnyi.  However the 'Big Ben' we grow is rather different from 'Kewensis' so therefor listed under it's own name. 'Big Ben' is not a easy to please hybrid in contrast to 'Kewensis'.  Much bigger and robust rosettes which are much more grey.  Growth is low likewise the propagation.  Sometimes available.

'Bizourtouse' x luteo-purpurea

Adrian Young 2010. A hybrid or clon?.  However a Sax from the extraordinary category,what a beauty!   Doing well outside but.....yes...but in our lowland climates vunerable for moist condition.  Awfully well drained soil and winterprotection in autmn/winter.  Maybe best in pot/alpine-house.  Not on a regular base in stock.

'Blanik'   NCC

Probably a sempervivum seedling from M.Kraus.  Good and solid Saxifraga but very slow growing and difficult to propagate.  Will do outside in your rockery but needs a spot with fast and constant draining and overhead protection during long wet periods,so best in alpine-house. Love the rosettes and ofcourse the impressive big handsome flowers.  This Sax is high in demand and rarely available.  We try to increas our motherplant stock.

'Blanka'   x borisii

Raiser unknown,named by R.Horny 1986.  Rare albino hybrid collected in the botanical garden Cernolice probably from Saxifraga 'Claudia'.  In our garden it's not a steady grower but slow and not always very free flowering.  Interesting for collectors.  Sometimes in stock.

'Bodensee'   x hofmannii

Old and beautiful cultivar from Franz Súndermann 1915.  burseriana x sempervivum cross.  Are a lot of questions round 'Bodensee' for example the bloodline.  But...the Sax going around in the circuit is beautiful,slow,difficult and not easy to obtain.  Propagation is slow and difficult.  

'Bohdalec'   x megaseaeflora 

x anglica 'Winifred' crossed with x boydii 'Luteola' by Frantisek Holenka 1996. Doing well just outside in the rockgarden aswell in tufstone or alpine-house.  Not so fast growing.

'Bohemia'   NCC

'Dwight Ripley' x  x byam-groundsii 'Lenka',because the first is a NCC,'Bohemia' is aswell.  Hybrid from M.Kraus 1987 and still very popular for it was one of the first reddish coloring Saxes.  Fades during flowering to a lighter color.  Not a difficult Sax.  

'Bohemian Karst'   Prominent Group.

Uncommon looking Saxifraga and therefor quite special in my humble opinion.  A columnaris x kotschyi cross made by....ofcourse...Karel Lang 2006.  Medium length flowers with seperated multiple flowers of a good red but fast fading lighter. Good intermediate rosettes.  Parents are both very slow growing and not so easy to please.  'Bohemian Karst' is also slow and a bit tricky to grow outside.  In pot or alpine-house its's going slow but fine.  

'Bohemian Paradise'   Region Group

cinerea x columnaris another 'tricky' cross from Karel Lang  2009.  Good intermediate the parents.  Beautiful color in bud,going to pink and after opening fading lighter during flowering.  Allright in the open rockgarden on a more sheltered spot and very well drained. Not a fast grower at all,but once established it's going better.  Doing well in tufstone and through. All together i prefer Saxes like this to grow in a pot in the alpine-house. 

'Bohnice'   x megaseaeflora

Superbe cultivar from Frantisek Holenka 1996.  Pinkish-white flowers very big.  Bloodline not certain.  For me a splendid hybrid,strong,beautiful,longlasting,easy.  Popular and much asked for so fast sold out.

'Bohunka'   NCC

Sax from Miroslav Kraus,it's a x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg' seedling round 1988.  Bit slow growing overhere and does not like too much wet conditions.  Sometimes available.  Collectors plant.

'Boston Spa'   x elisabethae

The wellknown 'Boston Spa' raised by 'Who knows?'...round 1930.  Doing fine on almost any spot.  Good grower,needs bit poor lean soil to stay more compact.  Belongs in every collection.

'Bozi Dar'   Sessile Group

Difficult cross from mr.Lang 2009.  It's hypostoma x kotschyi both not so easy but intuiging botanical Saxes. Multiple yellow flowers very fresh looking and light-green bit fleshy rosettes. Best in alpine-house in my very humble opinion or try in tufstone outside.

'Brailes'   x poluanglica

Fine looking cultivar,making a nice flat mat with cute flowers of a good pink.  No special requirements.  It's poluniniana x  x anglica 'Harlow Car' raised by Walkey & Dowker1991.

'Brian Arundel'   Magnus Group

cinerea x luteo-purpurea 1997 from Karel Lang...who else?

Lovely more cinerea like rosettes,long stem with multiple pink flowers fading to almost white as you can see on the pic.  It's a slow grower,good for a through or on a spot you can keep an eye on him.  Slow growing,doing reasonable well on a light open spot,humus richer soil but well drained.

'Bridget'  x edithae

Raiser not known,round 1930.  Lovely Saxifraga with superbe formed silvery grey rosettes. Long light-red stems with multiple small flowers.  Probably a stribrnyi x marginata var.coriophylla.  Strong reliable bit slow hybrid for a open spot with enough light and even some sun light.  Popular Saxifraga and for a good reason.

Photo from Hans Meulenbelt.

'Brimstone'   NCY

Difficult hybrid without doubt.  Considering the parents it's no wonder at all.  It's a cross between lowndesii x aretioides which are in fact two complete different Saxes.  Best in alpine-house but we grow them also outside on a sheltered spot,more humus rich soil but ofcourse awfull well drained and overheas shelter in winter.  Does not like to much sun and high temperatures so keep that in mind.  More for skilled collectors.  Raised by Ian Spencer 1996.

'Brno'   x elisabethae

Raised by J.Holzbecher 1978. Probably a x elisabethae crossed with burseriana 'Brookside'?    Very pleasing hybrid,best in poor lean soil with fast draining.  Enough light and can withstand some sun. Nice contrats with the red stems and yellow flowers.  Good rosettes!. 

'Brotherhood'   NCC

Selected from several seedlings, seeded with the hand on brown tufstone in the rockgarden,from seed in x anglica through but not isolated.  So a lucky shot from B.Moerland Alpigena Nursery. 2010.  Bit soft rosettes,growing reasonable wel but not fast.  Very beautiful in bud after opening going to pretty pink and slowly fading during flowering.  Does not like wet feet and to much moisture,that's a pitty.  So keep an eye on him.  We give overhead protection in winter. Doing great in tufstone and through.  Very suitable in pot/alpine-house.  Please understand,highly in demand and very fast sold out.


'Bryn Llwyd'   Vanessa Group

P.Boardman 2004 a poluniniana x lowndesi cross.  Soft pink flowers.  Humus richer soil,wel drained,no direct sunlight on hottest hours. Bit tricky to grow outside,but you can try to grow in tufstone.


In due time more details.

'Bucholzii'  x fleischeri

Franz Súndermann 1960.  Tough looking engleria which grows slow but steady.  Soft-yellow flowers.  Give a spot with enough light and poor gravelly soil for a quick drainage which all engleria's like.  In wet winters it's sometimes neccesary to give overhead protection.  Propagation is very slow.  Sometimes available and much sought after.

'Bürgel'  x poluanglica

Beautiful cultivar from a czech source before the poluanglica's where named.  It was not realy named as 'Bürgel' but many people said,'it looks like a poluanglica Jan Bürgel made,so it's going around in the circuit under the name 'Bürgel' and it's not wise to change it after so many years.  If you compare this plant it doesn't match completely with one of the other poluanglica's so it's very worth to grow.  Easy going,just keep it out of direct sunlight on hottest hours.  Beautiful Saxifraga!

'Buster'   x hardingii

Bit uncommon cultivar from V.Finnis 1960,aretioides x burseriana x media is the bloodline.  I do not know the exact cross.  Handsome rosettes,light-green with burseriana influence. Unusual Amberish-pinkish flowercolor,multiple on medium red-light stems.  It's an eye-catcher in a through!  Requires a bit more attention,needs a spot with good light,can withstand a fair amount of sun and dislikess to much rain.  Seen some perfect plants in pots or alpine-house but will do outside with extra care.  High in demand and fast sold out.

'Buttercup'   x kayei

A young 'Buttercup' on the photo a cros between x boydii 'Faldonside' and  x eudoxiana Haagii'.  I have seen at least three different 'Buttercups' over the last years but i think this is the one.  Slow growing,and with single flowers,sometimes multiple.  Not a difficult Sax,but best on poor soil to keep more compact.

'B5'   x concinna

A unnamed cross between cinerea and dinnikii and very beautiful indeed!  Handsome rosettes more to cinerea with a lovely tone of pink flowers.  


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