'Calligula'   NCC

Solid looking seedling from a mixed seedpot ,B.Moerland the Alpigena Nursery 2009.  Chosen for the well formed flowers and the firm but not bif rosettes.  Slow growing,well drained,enough light and some sun.  

'Camyra'   NCC

G.E.Welch 1933.  Some say a x anglica seedling?   But it's a nice hybrid with an unusual flower color a sort of pinkish-yellow.  Slow growing,not very free flowering,and with handsome distinct rosettes.  In our garden it is not pleased with to much moisture we found out.  It's doing rather well but needs good draining and to keep in good shape maybe best with winter protection.  Interesting Saxifraga which triggers me in a way....

'Carmen'  x elisabethae

Franz Sündermann 1898!.......and still going strong.  Wellknown for the beautiful cushion she can make on poor gravelly soil.  Enough light and even some sunlight. Probably a straight burseriana x sancta cross.  Clear light-yellow multiple flowers,longlasting.

'Castor'  x bilekii

Popular hybrid specialy for the nice and good rosettes which are intermediate ferdinandi-coburgi and tombeanensis.  Small light-yellow multiple flowers on long stems.  Loves a more poor soil ,further no problems.

'Cathy Read'   x polulacina

Adrian Young  1992.  This is for sure a extraordinary cultivar with a lilacina x poluniniana bloodline. The soft tone pink is beautiful in contrat with the rosettes as you can see on the photo.  Doing pretty well outside in the alpinegarden but ofcourse no sun on the hottest hours.  Perfect for a through or in tufstone.  Real eyecatcher this Cathy!   A top 10 Saxifraga for most Saxifraga collectors!

'Cecilia'   NCC

I'm very fond of this sempervivum hybrid from C.Greenfield somewhere in the early 70's.  And i'm not the only one because this firm engleria is extreme popular among alpinegardeners!  So,one can understand that it's not easy to obtain one.  Needs a poor lean soil and enough light,even some sunlight is required. Slow growing and also slow anf tricky to root.  You must be lucky to obtain.

'Cereus'   x boydilacina.

One of the more easy boydilacina's.  Photo is a bit poor but it's a lovely litlle thing this lilacina x  x boydii 'Luteola'.  Superbe in a tufstone or through with it's close packed small sharply pointed rosettes. White flowers with a pinkish-flash.

In the garden doing fine on almost any spot.

'Change of Time'

More details in due time.

'Charlecote'   x poluanglica

Not so often seen but very good poluanglica hybrid from Dowker and Walkey 1991. It's a poluniniana crossed with a x anglica 'Harlow Car.  Mass of flowers on a good growing mat.  Reliable and strong Saxifraga which needs a bit more shady spot. Further no real problems.

'Charles Bukowski'   NCC

Firm rosettes with a exceptional blue-greyish color. Good engleria flowers of a good purple.  For a spot with enough light and even some sunlight in a fair amount.  Slow growing and same with propagation.  Sometimes available and fast sold out.  Alpigena Nursery 2009

'Charles Chaplin'  NCY

This poluniniana x  x goringana 'Nancye' is a all white flowering hybrid and much more to poluniniana. In the rockgarden it's doing well but is not a real fast grower.  Bit vunerable for to much moisture,so keep an eye on him during long wet periods.  Sometimes labeled as 'Charly Chaplin' which is wrong.  Raiser;Jan Bürgel 1994.

'Charles Darwin'  NCY

Not classified yet cross from poluniniana x  x semmleri 'Martha' raised by Jan Bürgel.  To be honest,it's a cute thing but not easy to please in the alpinegarden.  Vunerable for to much moisture especially wet feet.  In winter best with overhead protection or alpine-house.  Maybe this cross is as contoversial as Darwin's theory of evolution! :)

'Charon'   x mutensis

Beautiful but tricky cross to please between lilacina and x irvingii 'Timmy Foster'. Maybe best in alpine-house or in through on a sheltered spot.  In tufstone a real surprise!.  Maybe for more skilled growers. Raised by Oldrich Maixner round 1991.  Lovely very,very small rosettes with fine tiny rose-pink flowers.  A challenge to please.  Can't find the photo's,very sorry for that.


More details in due time.

'Cherry Trees'   x boydii

Beautiful small and slow growing Saxifraga and not often seen and offered because mostly false intruders are going round in the circuit.  Hard,compact hummock from rather slow growing light-green bit greyish rosettes.  Flowers light-yellow,slightly overlapping with reddish stem leaves and sepals on short stems.  Best in a through and superbe ofcourse in tufstone!  Also real eye-catcher in a pot/alpine-house.  

'Chetwynd'   NCC

Peculiar hybrid from round 1970.  Raiser and further details unknown.  Pleasing to see cultivar with soft-pink flowers.  Slow growing and bit tricky to grow but she thrives on the right spot.  Sheltered behind stone or dwarf-conifer,not to much sunlight and as most kabschia's well drained to avoid wet-feet.  Regular available.


'Chez Nous'   x gloriana

Radvan Horny 1975.  A variegated  Saxifraga froma sport of x gloriana 'Godiva'.  To be's a must have but not easy to grow.  Needs a sheltered more shady spot but not to dark.  Best in through,tufstone or as potplant in alpine-house.  In the pic the color is faded,in the beginning of flowering a very pale rose.  Rosettes bit soft and light-green with white leaf margins!.  Strange hybrid.

'Chodov'   x megaseaeflora

Hmmm...can't find the photo...very good and recommendable hybrid from Frantisek Holenka 1996.  Doing fine on almost any spot in the garden with nice good softer pink flowers.  From the impressive x megaseaeflora bloodline,aretioides x burseriana x lilacina x media.  Popular Saxifraga which deserve a place in any collection.  

'Christine'   x anglica

From the extraordinary category is this beautiful cultivar raised by the wellknown Russel Vincent Prichard round 1934. Cross  lilacina x luteo-purpurea nm. godroniana.  Not easy to please is this lady and therefor best as potplant in the alpine-house or on a good sheltered spot in the rockgarden with winter protection.  Does not like long periods with extensive rain.  Flowers of very good quality and a not often seen color and form.  Sometimes available due to the slower growth and rooting and when in stock...sold as fast as lightning!

'Christine Hillier'   NCC

Seldom seen and offered hybrid,raiser unknown somewhere in the 1970's.  Handsome cultivar,best in alpine-house or through,tufstone to keep an eye on her.  Bit vunerable when plant stays to wet for a while.  Growth rather slow and not easy to propagate in my humble opinion.  For the more skilled collectors.


More details in due time!

'Cio Cio San'   Vanessa Group

Love this cross made by Malcom McGregor very,very much!  Extraordinary flower shape and a uncommon pink color!  Soft bit fleshy rosettes with the spark on the leave tip. It's from the two wonderful botanical species poluniniana and lowndesii.  Growing fast on the right spot,which is a more humus rich soil with a lot of chippings and some clay.  Only sun in the morning and late afternoon,roots must stay moist during summer.  Fantastic in a tufstone or through.  Eyecatcher in the alpine-house.  

'Citronella'   NCC

From the cross 'Edgar Irmscher' x marginata clone 'Sorrento' comes this 'fresh' looking Sax.  Made by Winton Harding in the 1990's.  Love the rosettes which are intermediate parents but a bit vunerable for to much moisture,so you know what to do.  Steady growing with lovely multiple flowers in my honest opinion.  Not a very fast going hybrid.

'City of London'   NCC

Probably a sempervivum x   x biasolettoi 'Ludmilla Subrova' cross but not sure.  Alpigena Nursery from a mixed seed pot beginning 2000's searching for dwarfish engleria's.  Handsome and recommendable hybrid with solid small grey-silvery rosettes which can differ in size.  Small pretty purple-red longlasting flowers.  For a poor gravelly well drained spot with plenty of light and even some sunlight.  Growth is more slow than steady,the same with the propagation.  Popular Saxifraga among collectors.  Very sorry for not finding a phot with flowers.

'Clare'   x

Ascot Wood Nursery round 1956.  Fine cultivar with unusual

anglicaflower color wihich is verye eye-catching.  from the famous aretioides x lilacina x media bloodline.  Bit slow growing but once etablished going well.  Give a open and light spot in gravelly soil with some clay.  Can withstand some sun but do not exaggerate.  

'Clarissa'   clone burseriana

Selected by H.L Foster 1970,said to be bit between a burseriana var.burseriana and burseriana var. major.  Doing well like most burseriana's on a spot which does not stay to wet in autumn and winter.  Enough light and they can even stand a fair amount of sunlight.  Always goodlooking in tufstone or through.

'Claude Monet'   Impression Group

One of the painter cultivars by Karel Lang round 2003,kotschyi x lilacina.  Good and beautiful hybrids which are red in bud,red by opening but very fast fading to a very light color.  Reasinable strong in the alpine-garden but bit attention for getting too wet.  Nice through or tufstone occupant.  Steady growth and making a good and nice hummock.  Popular Saxifraga and always quickly sold uit.  Photo by Peters.

'Claudia'  x borisii

Pleasing hybrid from F.Sündermann/R.Horny 1986.  The rosettes are nice,small,hard and a splendid reflection of the parents. Handsome colored flowers on medium stems,longlasting.  Strong and reliable for a gravelly well drained spot with plenty of light and even some sunlight.  Cultivars like 'Claudia' belong in every kabschia collection.

'Cleo'  x boydii

Ha..'Cleo' favorite boydii.  White flowering beauty from the great Lincoln Foster round 1969.  The perfect hummock,close packed silvery-grey spiky rosettes.  White flowers which are overlapping and nice toothed. Extraordinary to see a mature one in tufstone.  Perfect in a small through. Most aretioides x burseriana's are yellow but 'Cleo's' is a fine exception.  Highly in demand,you must be on time.

'Clermont Ferrand'   NCC

Older garden seedling from the Alpigena Nursery late 1990's,collected among other seedlings on tufstone,named and propagated after many requests of visitors.  Named after the French City.  Slower growing unknown hybrid which does not like wetfeet but thrives well in good drained gravelly soil.  Also handsome in a tufstone. Flowers of a delicate soft-tone color sometimes irregulary formed.  Very close packed cushion and therefor bit more difficult to propagate.  Not always in stock and when it is always the first to be sold out.

'Concious'   NCC

Seedling from a specie collected on the Betcho Pass now named as 'Wolfgang Strúmpf' after the wellknown German alpine plant lover. 'Wolfgang Strúmpf' plant Named by Gert Hoek the Netherlands.  'Concious' raised and named by B.Moerland from the Alpigena Nursery 2008

Rosettes look like bit marginata influence but differ.  Very good flowers,sometimes single.mostly two on a stem.  Bit loose growth. For a sheltered spot which is very well drained.  Best with overhead protection in winter because the seedlings are somewhat afraid of too much moisture.  Interesting to grow Saxes like this!

'Conciousness'   NCC

Sisterseedling of 'Concious' above.  Same details and conditions. 'Conciousness',is faster growing and does have slightly smaller flowers and more often multiple.  

Both hybrids are always in demand by Saxifraga enthusiasts.

'Coolock Gem'   NCC

Surprsingly good hybrids from Jim Almond.  'Gem' is a seedling of 'Myriad seedling' 2002.  Doing great just outside in the alpine-garden.  Bit cool spot with more humus rich soil but ofcourse well drained.  Lovely fast growing mat with good formed flowers on very short petals.  Awesome Sax!

'Coolock Jean'   NCC

Jim Almond 2006,it's a seedling of 'Coolock kate',described underneat.  Like 'Gem' a very fine growing and flowering hybrid without much problems.  Humus richer soil,cool spot no sun on hottest hours. 

'Coolock Kate'   NCC

With 'Gregor' this 'Kate' is the most wanted and popular cultivar over the last few years.  You love or hate her,with that pronounced and striking 'Candy' color!  Allright i catches the eye immediately.....but....but....whatever she's id immense popular,strong,easy and very well flowering.  Like the other two 'Coolocks' cool spot,more humus but well drained and not to much sun.  Always one of the first to be sold out.

'Copenhagen'   NCC

Alpigena Nursery 2004,selected from a mixed seedpot with sempervivum influence.  Distinct grey rosettes with sharply pointed straight leaves.  Long light-red stems with hairs. Good purple-red flowers. Gibe open spot with plenty of light,can withstand a fair amount of sunlight. Bit poor soil,bit clayey. Handsome hybrid which get a lot of attention over the last years.  Very,very much in demand so you must be lucky to obtain one.

'Cordata'   burseriana clone

Franz Sündermann round 1950.  Fine burseriana form without problems. Flower petals with 3 obvious 'lobes' on the front. Slightly overlapping,red stems.  'Cordate' is not often offered or the wrong plant.  Growing is not slow but more steady tham most other burseriana's.  Give well drained soil,all burseriana's hate wet feet and to much moisture in winter.

'Corona'   x boydii

H.L.Foster 1967 a aretioides x burseriana cross.  Another great cultivar like almost all boydii's.  Nice in a through or tufstone.  In the alpinegarden no special requirements.  Rather big pale-yellow flowers.  Nice rosettes more to a burseriana.

'Corso'   x luteo-purpurea.

Probably a clone,named 2011 by Jos van Bergen from the Netherlands.  Differs from all known x luteo-purpurea's and therefor named by Jos.   In the rockgarden it's always a bit tricky to grow beautiful botanical species like this because the dislike our climate.  Give very well drained poor soil and overhead protection in winter.  A spot with plenty of light and even some sun.  Challenge to grow in pot/alpine-house.  Robust rosettes,lovely clear-yellow flowers.  Sometimes available.  *Photo by Jos van Bergen*

'Cranbourne'   x anglica

Superbe almost unbeatable cultivar from Russel Vincent Prichard 1934.  Still a breathtaking beauty,strong,reliable,for almost any spot in the rockgarden.  A beauty in tufstone and a real eye-catcher in a through.  Real Top 10 Saxifraga and without doubt a must have for every self-respecting rockgardener.

'Cream Seedling'  NCC

Paradise Nursery 1978 UK.  Without further description or details.  Bit peculiar Saxifraga,not bad at all!  Nice somewhat elongated rosettes and very light flowers on medium stems.  To keep her more compact give poor gravelly soil on a open and light spot with even some sun.  Always interesting those obscure Saxes.

'Crenata'   burseriana clone

Franz Súndermann 1913,old selection from Franz probably already collected in nature in 1895!  Belongs to the typical var. burseriana v.burserana but the teeth on the petals are even more pronounced than in the typical var.  Beautiful botanical treasure which is bit slow growing and ofcours a breathtaking jewel in a tufstone!  Very well drained spot in the alpinegarden with somewhat more humus.  Belongs to the most wanted Saxifrages!  And therefor difficult to obtain.  We do not hold a waitinglist anymore,sorry. *Photo by Adrian Young* 

'Crenulata'   burseriana clone

Nature collected by Franz Sündermann round 1950?  More slow growing and also more compact burseriana.  Petals also toothed but minutely.  Best in tufstone or through also potculture.  Keep an eye on her,bit more vunerable for moisture.  Well drained in the rockgarden ofcourse.  Like 'Crenata' very,very high in demand and also the first to be sold out.  Must take a better pic coming spring.

'Crimscote Love'   NCY

A  x poluanglica 'Miluj Mne' x  x poluanglica 'Edge Hill' cross from David Walkey and Brian Dowker 2004.  Lovely soft color with darker centre which gives the flower something extra.  Small let say even tiny rosettes.  For a more cool and bit shady spot.but not too dark.  Humus rich/clayey soil,wel drained.  Good through and tufstone Sax.

'Crinoline'   NCY

Superbe cross from the wellknown Czech hybridiser Jan Bürgel.  It's a iranica x dinnikii cross,very well chosen!  Lovely to see in bud with pinkish-creme buds opening to a créme-white.  This cross is a somewhat vunerable for to moisture so be aware of this.  Great pot Saxifraga,in the garden sheltered spot and best with protection in the winter.  For more experienced growers.

'Chrystalie'   x biasolettoi

Not often seen and offered cultivar which is not so easy to please.  From G.P.Baker around 1934. Probably a grisebachii x sempervivum forma stenophylla.  More than beautiful but rather difficult cultivar to grow and to propagate.  Deep-purple flowers,firm grey rosettes.  Best in alpine-house/pot.  Or awfull drained clayey/gravelly soil with winterprotection.  Sometimes available due to the slow growth and propagation.

'Cumulus'   NCC

From iranica seed? round 1993.  Indeed it's a 'cloud' of white flowers with a pinkish flash when flowers are ripening.  One of the best flowering Saxifrages for sure and strong,vigorous growing.  Excellent for the showbench.  A must have ofcourse.

'Cuprido'  NCC

ferdinandi-coburgii x 'Alphons Mucha' NNC.  Raiser unknown,some say it's from our Nursery but it's not,can't remember who gave it to me round 2006,we just propagated it.  Reddish flowers which fade slowly during flowering.  Bir soft rosettes which does not like to much sunlight.  Growth is not fast but going.  Intriguing hybrid.


More details in due time.

'Cyber Prostor'   NCY

lilacina x  x semleri 'Martha',from Jan Bürgel 1995.  Lovely cross,delicate flower color a pinkish-yellow.  Close packed fleshy rosettes.  Love to see it in tufstone or through.  Rather strong,bit carefull with wet feet.  


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