'Dali'   NCC

Beautiful purple flowering engleria type.  Firm silvery-grey rosettes.  Slow growing for a bit sunny spot in the open rockery.  Nice to see in pot/alpine-house.  Pitty enough very slow to root.  Sometimes available.

'Dalibor'   x doerfleri

Named by R.Horny,raiser not known?  It's a federici-augusti x stribrnyi cross.  Beautiful but slow growing and slow to root and therefor not easy to obtain.  Doing rather well outside but best with early winter protection.  Sometimes available.

'Damocles'   NCC

Selected from a swarm of seedlings flowering on tufstone in the Alpigena garden.  Selected for the contrast between the small rosettes and the medium stem with multiple flowers.  Delicate glassy-yellow multiple flowers with long anthers.  Peculiar hybrid which makes him interesting in my humble opinion (always bit afraid of the British saxifraga police....)  Cushion can grow very irregular. Maybe scardica influence?  Doing fine in the garden on a sheltered spot without the hottest sun.  

'Dana'  x megaseaeflora

Miroslav Kraus did a nice job in 1978,'Dana'is a special cultivar. Probably a burseriana crossed with x anglica 'Winifred'.  Small rosettes,irregular growing cushion,with large flowers,overlapping,bit waved,with an uncommon color a créme white-pinkish.  Tufstone or through will suit her.  In alpine garden a cool spot with no sun on hottest hours.

'David'   NCC

Strange slow growing cultivar from Winton Harding,named 2001.  Peculiar thing.  Yellow flowers.  Sometimes one to spare.

'Davos'   NCC

Probably a marginata seedling,2007 Alpigena Nursery.  Good hybrid with pretty looking white flowers,mostly two flowers on a short stem.   Hard compact cushion,with distinct lime-pits on leave edge.  Vulnerable when soil stays moist too long,so poor and lean soil for fast drainage.  Handsome in tufstone and through.  

'Dawn Frost'   NCC

Seedling x anglica 'Myra'?  Raised by Jan Bürgel 1990. Pretty and eye-catching cultivar.  Beautiful in bud and going to an intense pink flower color.  For a cool spot without the midday sun.  Ofcourse very good looling in tufstone and a through.  More than recommendable!


More details in due time.

'Dejvice'   NCC

Cute x anglica 'Winifred' seedling fromFrantisek Holenka.  White/pinkish flowers darker in centre.  Small rosettes making a litlle cushion.  Does well in tufstone and looking good in a through.  Not a fast grower and bit vunerable for to much direct sunlight.  Very worthwhile!

'Delia'  x hornibrookii

The  hornibrookii are very intruiging cultivars,slow growing and need bit more attention.  'Delia' is pure beauty from Russel Vincent Prichard 1925 and not often seen on a regular base.  Vunerable for winter wetness and therefor always with aerly winterprotection.  Will thrive very well in tufston or through.  May best for potculture in alpine-house.  Sometimes available due to slow growth,rooting.  You must be lucky.

'Demeter'   x petraschii

H.L Foster 1965 a burseriana x tombeanensis bloodline probably a   x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg' seedling?  Strong and reliable cultivar with good white flowers which are longlasting.  Compact cushion,irregular growing in clusters.  For a open and light spot.  Can withstand some sun.

'Denisa'  x pseudo-kotschyi

Maybe a kotschyi x marginata ssp. rocheliana cross made by Franz Sündermann round 1905!  Small light-yellow multiple flowres on long stem.  Nice rosettes good intermediate parents.  Does not like wet feet at all!  Needs a very good drained soil mixture.  In wet winters i found her vunerable so always protection.  

'Desdemona'   x biasolettoi

Beautiful seldom seen engleria type Saxifraga named by Radvan Horny round 1986.  Riaser unknown early 1970's. Slower growing and difficult to root in my humble opinion. Frirm silver-grey rosettes.  Reddish flowers.  Sometimes available due to the slow and tricky propagation

'Diana'  x lincolni-fosteri

Love this Saxifraga very much,lovely contrast between the stems and the flowers.  Hybrid from H.L Foster round 1969.  It's a burseriana x  x malbyana 'Wilhelm Tell'.  Special rosettes i think,smal grey,spiky,i like that.  The growing is normal to slow and best on a open spot with poor lean soil and even some sun in a fair amount.  Although the longer stems i find her pleasing to see in tufstone.

'Discovery'   NCC

Photo by Adrian Young the registrar for the Saxifrages.  'Discovery' is fore sure a beautiful cross,it's x megaseaeflora 'Karel Capek' x NCC 'Dwight Ripley' which is a lilacina seedling. Normal to bit slow growth,firm dark green rosettes,short stem with  a sort of Pinkish-yellow flowers in some years even somewhat orangeish.  Strong and reliable but take care of a good drainage for it can be a bit afraid of too wet rosettes.  Tufstone,through or pot in the alpine-house,everywhere it will steal the show.  Very popular Saxifrag and always among the first to be sold out.

'Djengis Kahn'

More details in due time.

'Dobruska'   x irvingii

Cross between two  x irvingii's,'Timmy Foster'and 'Mother Queen'.  Awesome Saxifraga ofcourse and high ranked in my  personal Top Ten.  Bif beautiful flowers of a smooth and soft pink!  Firm rosettes iregular clustering.  Doing fine on most well drained spot with enough light but without the midday sun.  Normal to slow growth likewise propagation.

'Dominika'   NCC

To be honest this kotschyi seedling of Karel Lang is difficult to grow.  Best in alpine-house.  Outside in our lowland climate it doesn't feel happy.  We grow some outside and it's going  When you want to try give a sheltered spot behind a big rock or dwarf-conifer.  Humus richer bit clayey soil which still drains very fast.  In autumn and winter and long periods of rain best with some overhead protection.  Soft fleshy rosettes,nice color which fades slowly,in some years real good red in the beginning of flowering.

'Don Giovanni'   Premiera Group

Cross  x anglica J.A Komensky x marginata clone from Edwards.  Interesting hybrid,nice more marginata rosettes and good flowers with a unusual pinkish-white flower color.  Needs a bit more attention,like almost all Saxifrages not to much sun but in case of 'Don Giovanni' keep the sun away.  Normal growth,bit richer soil mixture but weel drained ofcourse.  Made by karel Lang 2002.

'Donatello'   NCY

Cultivar from the late Sergio Bacci and Adrian Young round 1992.  It's wendelboi x  x boydii 'Sulphurea'.  Nice irregular build cushion,rather big softer yellow flowers.  Normal growth,enough light,can withstand some sun.

'Donnington Carpet'   NCC

Pretty x anglica 'Winifred' seedling from Duncan Bennet 2002.  Best for a cool spot,without the sun on the hottest hours.  More rich humus/clayey soil,but a good drainage is a must.  Compact close packed small rosettes,nice color which fade slowly during flowering.

'Donnington Chalize'   NCY

Handsome not classified yet Saxifraga from Duncan Bennet 2002,it's a cinerea seedling wihich is clearly to see in the rosettes and the flowers.  Find her for certain a recommendable cultivar with a fresh look.  Rather strong on a well drained spot outside.  Sost tone pale-yellow flowers,well formed.  Nice!

'Donnington Gold'   NCY

A aretioides seedling from Duncan Bennet 2002.  Like it,but when growing in the rockgarden she needs more attention.  Tiny hard rosettes which are vunerable for too much moisture,so best with overhead protection and ofcourse a fast draining.  Can withstand some sun in a fair amount.  Slow growing and also slow and bit difficult to root in my very humble opinion.  So good one for through,tufstone or alpine-house.

'Donnington Manor'   NCY

Duncan Bennet 2007 a likiangensis seedling.  Beautiful plant whitch is a real eye-catcher with her good white flowers low on the cushion.  Best in pot/alpine-house i think.  Did try one in the open rockery,but that was going wet periods im our climate overhere.  Sometimes available.  Photo by Duncan Bennet.

'Donnington Rose'   NCY

Love this 'Rose' from Duncan Bennet 2002.  Real eye-catcher in bud end a good pink after opening which fades slowly to a lighter tone.  Good growth,for a bit more cool spot and ofcourse not to much direct sunlight.  Well draine somewhat more richer soil but well drained ofcourse.  Saw one in a tufstone...breathtaking and ofcourse in a through aswell.  Very recommendable introduction from mr.Bennet!  Highly in demand so always fast sold out.

'Donnington Veil'   NCY

One can see the lilacina influence in the charming flower.  Like the obvious veins and the darker pink in the centre,a charming flower.  A lilacina seedling from Duncan Bennet 2002.  Needs a more humus richer soil and a sheltered spot when planted outside.  Normal growth.

'Dora Ross'   x bacci

Malcom McGregor a stolitzkae x  x anglica 'Winifred' seedling round 1991.  Love the beautiful delicate looking flowers.  But this cute hybrid is not so easy to please.  Slow growing and outside vunerable for too much moisture even in long periods of rain in summer.  So a good sheltered spot with fast draining poor soil or in tufstone/alpine-house. A challenge to grow that's for sure!

'Dorothy Milne'   NCC

A  x eudoxiana 'Haagii' crossed with an x apiculata ?.  For open spot,enough light and even some sun. Yellow Flowers.


'Dr.Watson'   NCY

A kotschyi x poluniniana cross from the hand of the wellknown Czech hybridiser mr.Jan Bürgel.  A nice addition this good flowering hybrid.  Multiple yeloow flowers with nice contrasting red sepals.  Poluniniana influcence made the kotschyi rosettes softer and fleshy.  Growth normal to fast in risch soil.  prefer this one outside in a poor lean soil because the rosettes do not like long periods of too wet roots.  Not difficult but a good spot does the trick.

'Drakula'   x ferdinandi-coburgi var. radoslavoffii

Isolated seed from a botanical Saxifraga ferdinandi-coburgi var.radoslavofii growing in a garden.  K.Stivin 1960.  Superbe Saxifraga ofcourse mainly by the sharp and spiny leaves which remind of Dracula's teeth.  But the flowers are also very worthwile,long stems with good rather deep yellow multiple longlasting flowers.  This is a highly desirable Saxifraga but needs more attention.  The hard closed packed rosettes are vunerable for too much moisture.  They even can get brown during long periods of rain in summer.  We grow several outside in just sand and chippings and with early overhead protectuion it goes very well.  Also as potculture Sax it's going well.  Problem is the difficulty to root,  Sometimes available


More details in due time.

'Dronfield Manor'

More details in due time.  Nice waved petals.

'Dronten'    NCC

sempervivum hybrid smaller in al parts.  For w poor lean soil with plenty of light and even some sun in fair amount.  Slower growing,the same with propagation.  Interesting but just sometimes available.  Alpigena nursery round 2008.

'Druïde'   NCC

Seedling collected in a through full of painter Saxifrages,most where very poor in color and difficult.  This 'Druïde' was slow but a nice hybrid,with sometines up to 6 or 7 flowers on a short stem.  Bit open growing rosettes which tend to become brown in the leaves when to wet.  Several doing well outside in the garden but very slow in a mixture of sand and chippings.  Thrives well but ofcourse slow in tufstone.  Best in a pot/alpine-house.   Due to slow growth and slow and tricky propagation not often available,more a rarity.

'Dublin'   NCC

Strange garden hybrid with nice white flowers which are irregular in form and length.  Small rosettes,close packed.  Doing well but slow.  Does not like wet feet too much,but whoe does?

'Dulcimer'  x petraschii

H.L Foster 1965,good white flowering seedling of x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg'  Doing well and easy on a alround spot. 

'Duncan Lowe'   x andersonii?

Seedking from George Smith from a stolitzkae but probably it was a andersonii.  Very good flowering and handsome Saxifraga.  beautiful multiple flowers on a medium stem.  The wellknown and solid rosettes are also a great part of the beauty of this plant.  Doing well on a more shady spot with some more humus and ckayey soil but well drained.  Also a beauty as a potplant.

'Dutch me'   NCC

Thought it was extinct but a friend in France gave me some rosettes from this cute litlle thing.  Named by B.Moerland but raiser unknown.  Looks like a irvingii type with small close packed rosettes.  Rather long stems and soft pink single flowers.  Bit strange the small rosettes and flat cushion and the long stems and single flowers.  Very peculiar.  Hope that i can root the cuttings.  Very worthwile to grow.

'Dwight Ripley'   NCC

Lovely lilacina hybrid from H.L.Foster round 1974.  Not the fastest grower and i prefer to grow him in a pot/alpine-house.  Good color and rosettes and therefor use in several other hybrids as a parent.  Sometimes available.


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