'Edgar Irmscher'   NCC

Described by F.Sündermann in his catalogue 1960 under the name aurantiaca which is not.  Parents,raiser unknown and study does not give a clue.  However a more than beautiful Saxifraga with a splendid unusual color.  A sort of light orangeish-yellowish which can be more orangeish in some years.  Not difficult when given the normal Saxifraga circumstances as well drained and not too much direct sunlight although 'Edgar Irmscher' can whitstand a fair amount of sun.

'Edgehill'  x poluanglica

One of the more unknown poluanglica's,but with a different flower color.  It's a poluniniana crossed with x anglica 'Winifed'.  Not so fast growing as most x poluanglica's and difficult te describe flower color,very charming.  Lovely in tufstone and ofcourse as a showplant in a pot. In the garden a cool more humus rich spot. *Photo by Hans Meulenbelt* 

'Edith'   x edithae

Love this one very much most for the striking rosettes.  Pinkish-white small multiple flowers on red stems with red sepals.  Probably a Saxifraga stribrnyi with marginata var. rocheliana. Plant from Franz Sündermann round 1915.  It's good intermediate between the parents.  In the garden without trouble when planted in a poor and lean soil mixture with a lot of chippings for a good drainage.  A spot with enough light and even some sun.  Growth slow to normal.  Very,very recommendable cultivar which is loved by most alpine gardeners.

'Edouard Manet'   Impression Group

One of the painter Saxifrages of Karel Lang 2003.  From a kotschyi x lilacina cross.  Nice bit fleshy rosettes with short stem and multiple lets say a sort of yellowish-reddish color.

In the begin of flowering darker and nice but fading very fast to a dull color.  Vunerable in the garden for moisture.  One can grow it outside on a more sheltered spot,cool,not much direct sunlight and very very well drained!  In winter i prefer overhead protection to keep in good shape.  Best in tufstone and as a potplant in the alpine-house.  Slower to normal growth. * Photo by Vincent*

'Egmont'  x laeviformis

Franz Sündermann round 1920.  A marginata x pseudo=laevis cross which is difficult to please in both pot and rockgarden.  It will thrive but poor on a sheltered spot with more humus rich soil,but well drained for the roots must be moist but not too wet during wintertime.  Due to the pseudo-laevis influence it's a difficult one to grow in a good way and sometimes short lived.  Best in pot for the alpine-house.  Nice rosettes with flowers of a slightly orangeish yellow.

'Electra'   NCY

From Oldrich Maixner comes this not so easy to please cross between a  x dinninaris and kotschyi.  Love the somewhat delicate flowers with a soft peach color.  Nice looking rosettes.  Is not easy to grow just outside in the alpine garden.  Best in the alpine-house to be safe.  Sometimes available.

'Elias'   NCC

Saxifraga hybrid from the wellknown nursery man Jacob Eschmann 1994.  Without further details about parents.   Nice Saxifraga in my opinion with hard spiky rosettes who can be from ferdinandi-coburgii?  Light-yellow flowers on long stem.  needs a gravelly well drained soil on a spot with enough light and can withstand a fair amount of sun.

'Eliot Hodgkin'   x millstreamiana

Cross ferdinandi-coburgi x  x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg' from H.L.Foster 1974.  Rosettes with a lot of F.Coburgi influence.  Light yellow flowers,yellow anthers.  For open spot,well drained,enough light and can withstand some sun.  Best in poor and lean soil because it otherwise tends to grow loose.


'Elisabeth Sinclair'   x elisabethae

The wellknown cultivar from H.L.Foster 1967.  Forms a handsome close packed cushion of a good green color.  Flowering differs from season to season but never a mass of flowers.  Needs a gravelly lean soil to show it's best.  Can deal with  some sun.  Needs to be in every good alpine collection.

'Elly Brinckerhof'   x hornibrookii

The almous famous but tricky to grow and even more difficult to obtain 'Elly'm is ofcourse one of those real 'rock Diamonds'  Slow growing,not easy to please and even harder to propagate and therefor difficult to add to your collection.  It's from H.L Foster round 1970 and probably a straight stribrnyi x lilacina cross,like most x hornibrookii's more to stribrnyi.  In the open alpine garden we grow several on more sheltered spots behind a stone or dwarf-conifer but not too dark.  Well gravell a bit more clayey soli mixture and always with overhead protection in winter.  Will look superbe in tufstone but growth is real slow ofcourse.  Wonderfull to grow Saxes like this in pots.  Sometimes available,fast sold out.  Sorry no waitinglist.

'Elvis Presley'   Beat Group

Stunning Saxifraga...which is always good voor many 'oohs' and aaahs'.  And let's be honest Jan Bürgel and Oldrich Maixner made an almost unbeatable pink cultivar.  It's the famous Himalayan Saxifraga lowndesii crossed with x poluanglica 'Tvuj Uspéch' which is a poluniniana x   x anglica 'Winifred' which is a lilacina x  x anglica cultivar.....what a bloodline...impressive if you think about it!  Oke he needs a cool spot,does not like the sun on the hottest hours and the soil must be stay a bit moist.  And the soil?...humus/clayey rich awfull well drained does the trick.  A wonderfull display of well formed good pink flowers.  Great in athrough or tufstone and ofcourse superbe as showplant in a pot.

'Emauzy'   x megaseaeflora

Seldom seen and offered Frantisek Holenka cultivar from round 1996.  More slow growing x megaseaeflora,small irregular growing rosettes,bit spiky.  And rather big flowers with a lovely soft tone of pink in the white and distinct colored anthers.  The exact parents are unknown but belong to the aretioides x burseriana x lilacina x media bloodline like almost all Holenka crosses.  In the alpine garden a spot which is more sheltered for cold wind,sun but not too dark.  I prefer a richer but ofcourse wlldrained soil mixture.  But also a beauty in a through and slow but superbe in tufstone.


More details in due time.

'Emile Holub'   Etnography Group

A kotschyi  x  x dinninaris seedling from Karel Lang 2009.  A different outcome tha 'Electra' from Oldrich Maixner.  Mass of good flowers.  Doing rather well just outside in the garden,not very fast growing.  Maybe best in a through or pot where it will be a real eye-catcher. *Photo by Vincent* 

'Empress   x anglica

Selected for the very dark flowers from a x anglica 'Winifred' seed.  Alpigena Nursery 2012.  Very dark pink almost purple in bud,going to a dark red-pink slowly fading but darker at centre.  Compact irregular slow growing rosettes. Flowers single on short stems.  Several young plants just outside are doing reasonable well,but on a cool more sheltered spot and a good mixture with some humus and clay.  Draining must be superbe.  Slow in tufstone and ofcourse a catchy Saxifraga to grow in a pot.  Sometimes available.

'Eric Bacci'   NCY

Peculiar Saxifraga in my humble opinion,ferdinandi-coburgi x  x lismorensis 'Lismore Carmine'.  Strange combination,but a niche compact cushion of close packed rosettes.  Yellow flowers on short stem.  Slow growing and not so easy.  Maybe best in alpine-house.  Propagation is slow and tricky.  Sometimes available.

'Ernst Heinrich'   x heinrichii 

Franz Sündermann 1915 a cross between aretioides x stribrnyi.  Odd choice,a small botanical specie crossed with the sturdy stribrnyi but 'Ernst heinrich is a lovely engleria with the red stems and sepals contrasting with the orangeish-yellow small multiple flowers.  In the garden open light spot,poor gravell soil,can have some sun.  Slow growth aswell propagation and due to that not regulary in stock.

'Eudoxia'   x eudoxiana

Old cultivar from J.Kellerer round 1906.  Probably a ferdinandi-coburgi x sancta seedling.  Flowers are a sort of cold-yellow,very light.  Rosettes more intermediate parents.  Sometimes a bit shy flowering,can vary by season.  Wil do on most spots in the garden but dislikess wet feet in winter.

'Eulenspiegel'  x geuderi

Wellknown old cultivar which is still popular among alpine lovers and for a good reason.  Cross ferdinandi-coburgi x  x boydii 'Aretiastrum'.  Nice rosettes,small spiky of a good color growing in clusters.  Pretty rather deep-yellow flowers on a medium red stem and red sepals.   Needs aopen and light spot in gravelly poor and lean soil.  Can do with some sun.  Keep an eye on him in winter for it doesn't like our too wet winters.  Popular Saxifraga.

'Eva Hanzliková'   x izari

Handsome cultivar but not so easy to please and slow growing.  Karel Lang 1992.  Strange cross from aretioides x sempervivum 'Afrodité'.  Love the very smal,hard bit columnar growing grey rosettes.  Handsome flowers,orangeish on long stem.  Several plants overhere just outside are doing well but slow.  Looking at the parents it's no surprise that moisture can be a problem for this cross.  Does well in tufstone if you love a Saxifraga with long flowering stems in a stone.  Maybe best in pot/alpine-house.  Propagation very slow.

'Eve Young'   NCC

Peculiar x borisii 'Mona Lisa' seedling from Adrian Young 1985.  Nice is that this hybrid does have white flowers.  Slow growing and best in a pot/alpine-house.  Just outside she does have some trouble overhere but that can be my fault.  

'Excellent'   Exclusive Group

And i think it's a excellent cultivar from the Master of hybridisation Karel Lang 2006.  Straight lilacina x lowndesii cross.  Soft,fleshy rosettes wit tip on leave end,bit loose growing.  Delicate flowers of a soft tone pink but darker flash of pink in the centre which gives the flowers something exquisite.  Give a real cool spot,just a bit earlu morning or late afternoon sun.  Soil must be very well drained but not to poor,so more humus rich.  I prefer when winter is more wet as cold overhead protection.  Ofcourse very nice in pot/alpine-house.

'Exhibit'   Exclusive Group

From the same cross as above,this 'Exhibit'  is another delicate beauty.  Much slower growing,cushion more compact,flowers smaller and overlapping petals.  More overall intense pink color.  Same conditions as sister seedling 'Excellent' above.  Karel Lang 2006.  Both impressive cultivars for sure!

'Exodus'   NCC

Stribrnyi seedling?,from the Alpigena Nursery 2005. From seedpot in search of small engleria type.   Small cute rosettes with purple flowers.  Slow growing.  Open gravelly spot,well drained.  Can have some sun.  Collectors plant.


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