'Faldonside'   x boydii

Think there are 3 or 4 different 'Faldonsides' going around in the circuit and none of them is the 'real' one.  Maybe the real deal is extinct?  However,the plant on the phot is from Adrian Young and this could be the right 'Faldonside'.  Our 'Faldonside' is a boydii for sure,but with much lighter yellow flowers.  A handsome Sax but not 'Faldonside'.  So i have decide not to sell anymore until we get hold of the 'real' thing. *Photo by Adrian Young*

'Falstaff'   clone burseriana

H.L.Foster 1970  Good burseriana clone,rosettes somewhat smaller,les elongated.  Regular flowers,smaller than in most other types.  Many people love to collect the different burseriana types.   'Falstaff' is a good addition for your collection.  Like all burseriana's,give a spot in the open garden with plenty of light and even some sunlight in a fair amount.  All the burserina's are vunerable for excessive moisture whole year round,so give the a poor soil with lots of chippings to keep in good shape.  In wet winters i even prefer them with overhead cover to keep them in a better shape.

'Fanfare'   x Fallsvillagensis

Seldom seen and rare cultivar from H.L.Foster 1969. It's a marginata crossed with the wellknown  x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg.   Créme-white flowers,multiple on medium stem.  Bit slow to normal growing.  Not on a regular base available.

'Fantomas'   x fleischeri

From the beautiful bloodline grisebachii x luteo-viridis comes the x fleischeri binomial,'Fantomas' is a seedling of 'Bucholzii'.  Flowers engleria type,after opening yellowish wit a pink base,small,multiple.  During flowering can become more pinkish.  Irregular growing firm rosettes.  Like all the engleria types,'Fantomas' prefers a very light and open spot with even some sun.  Best is a soil wich is bit gravelly/clayey and wfast draining.  During wet winters i help my engleria type Saxifrages a bit by giving them overhead cover to keep them better in shape.  Propagation is difficult and slow.  You must be lucky.

'Faust'   x borisii

Very old hybrid ofcourse from Franz Sündermann,before 1910.  Love this 'Oldie' very much especially for the rosettes which are small,hard and spiky.  Flowers on a long stem of a deeper-yellow. Give a spot with as many light you can get for 'Faust's' stems tend to elongate when spot is to dark.  It's probably a marginata var.rocheliana crossed wit another x borisii.  Well drained,light spot,some sun and bit attention because it's not so fond when feet are to wet.

'Favorit'   x bilekii

Annoying,can't find the photo,sorry.  Good cross from Miroslav Kraus 1987.  It's the famous ferdinandi-coburgi crossed with a x bilekii 'Castor'.  Strong and reliable cultivar for spot with good light and not to much humus rich soil.  Best is poor gravelly to keep 'Favorit' in a more compact shape.

'Felicity'   x anglica

Russel Vincent Prichard made around 1929 a delicat anglica hybrid which is more vunerable in my opinion.  In the open alpine garden,she can be a bit weakley,always surviving but goodlooking is something different. Maybe best in pot/alpine-house or try one in tufstone.  When outside,plant her behind a big rock or dwarf-conifer,humus richer well drained soil.  Cool spot not the warm sun and overhead cover when winter is more wet than cold.

'Ferdinand'   x hofmannii

Franz Sündermann 1960.  The characteristics of this hybrid,indicate that it's a burseriana x sempervivum form stenophylla cross.  Firm rosettes,long stem with multiple small light-pink flowers.  For a not to moist spot,normal to slow growing.  

'Feuerkopf'   x biasolettoi

For most people this is one of the most desirable Saxifrages in the circuit?  From J.Eschmann 1980.  Probably a seedling of grisebachii,or maybe according some with sempervivum influence?  But however,it's a breathtaking engleria to see in full flower,big,robust greyish rosettes and a 'smasher' of a flower!  But..but.....dreary slow growing and for us very hard to propagate.  You must be lucky to obtain one.  Like to keep them all.....................

'Flamenco'   x anglica

Nobody is sure if this is the right 'Flamenco'.  Ian Spencer's 'Flamenco'  must be a dirty orangeish-pink.  However this is a beautiful x anglica from a reliable source labeled as 'Flamenco'

'Florenc'   x megaseaeflora?

Beauty from Frantisek Holenka 1996.  Compact cushion os small rosettes with big waved overlapping flowers of a delicat soft pink tone.  Superbe to see in Tufstone or through.  Bit irregular flowering and not always so freely but it's a eye-catcher first class!  Very popular.

'Flush'   x petraschii

Pure-white flowers which are tinted with some pinkish after frost and a good compact cushion.  Growth is slow to normal and although not a cultivar with problems it must be on a good drained spot.  Not often seen this Saxifraga raised by H.L.Foster 1967,and not in a regulary base in our stock but occasionnaly.  It's a seedling of the famous x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg'.

'Forum'   x megaseaeflora

One of the better Saxifraga's in tufstone.  Small,tiny rosettes,close packed and forms a hard cushion in tufstone.  Lovely soft pink tone flowers in bud more lilac-pink and contrasting red short stems.  Charming cultivar raised by Frantisek Holenka round 1996.  Reliable and recommendable hybrid!

'Foster's Gold'   x elisabethae

Strong and reliable hybrid with good deep-yellow longlasting flowers.  One of the better yellow hybrids because the most yellow flowering Saxifrages are very light or pale.  But the addition 'Gold' in the name is correct, a deep 'Golden' yellow.  And thereby it's a cultivar fo almost any spot in the alpine-garden.  Good growth.   Raised ofcourse by the man who meant a lot in hybridizing saxifrages, H.L.Foster 1967. 

'Francesco redi'   Renaissance Group

Nice cultivar for the uncommon rosettes and the different flowers.  Raised by Sergio nBacci and Adrian Young 1994.  It's the himalayan range specie Saxifraga stolitzkae crossed with  x borisii 'Sofia'.  Love the soft-yellow bit 'greenish' looking flowers.multiple and irregular in form.  Nice rosettes more to stolitzkae(or andersonii?).  Growth is slow rather than normal.  For a spot with plenty of light,very well drained soil and can withstand some sun.  Bit strange but 'tasty'!

'Frank Sinatra'   x poluanglica

Eye-catching cultivar from the hand of Jan Bürgel 1989.  Exact parents not known but from the bloodline,aretioides x lilacina x media x poluniniana.  Very good in tufstone or through and ofcourse for the showbench.  Not a difficult Sax,but more cool spot and not the hot sun between 12.00-16.00 in summer.  Not the fastest of the x poluanglica's but growing very wel and always with a mass of superbe pink flowers!  Popular ofcourse.

'Frantisek Holenka'   Superlativ Group

Extraordinary cultivar between dinnikii and ferdinandi-coburgi from Karel Lang 2010.  Pretty flowers of a color described as 'Straw'.  Flowers on medium to long stems.  Rosettes are intermediate between parents and handsome to see.  They form a hard and compact cushion.  Must say this is a real good and beautiful Saxifraga but outside it rquires more attention.  The growth is slow and although rather strong it dislikess too much moisture.  We grow several outside in a claye/sand mixture with a lot of chippings.  So wel drained and overhead protection in winter does the trick.  Otherwise for pot in the alpine-house.  Due to the slow growth and the tricky propagation just occasionnaly in stock.

'Franz Liszt'   Praecox Group

2003 Karel Lang a  x anglica 'Winifred' x a sep22.  Close packed bit soft and fleshy rosettes,soft-pink delicate flowers on very short stem.  More slow than normal growth,bit vunerable in our lowland climate and therefor i think best as alpine-house plant or in a good piece of tufstone.  Bit tricky to propagate.

'Franzii'  x paulinae

A true fine example of a real good Saxifraga is this older hybrid from Franz Sündermann 1920.  The real 'Franzii'-there are more forms going around- is a small compact greyish lightgreen cushion of tiny spiky rosettes.  Small light-yellow flowers on medium stem.  Slow growing and for a very well drained more poor gravell spot with plenty of light and some sun in a fair amount.  Slow to propagate.  

'Frederik Chopin'   Praecox Group

x anglica 'Winifred' x sepp22,same cross as 'Franz Liszt' above.  Same conditions,will thrive outside with more attention,otherwise a splendid cultivar to grow in a pot for the alpine-house. Sorry can't find the photo's strangely enough.

'Friar Tuck'   x boydii

 The friar is aseedling of x boydii 'Faldonside x a burseriana.  H.L.Foster 1967.  Closer to burseriana.  Nice cushion build with close packed greyish spiky rosettes,good hard dome.  Red stems contrasting with the rather big light-yellow flowers.  All boydii'd are good Saxes and require a open spot with plenty of direct light and even some sun in a fair amount.  Soil must be bit poor and gravelly for most boydii's are easy but do not like their roots staying to wet.  Doing fine in tufstone and through. *Photo by Hans Meulenbelt*

'Friedrich Nietzsche'    x stribrnyi

Spectacular rosettes ,seedling selected from wild collected stribrnyi seed.  Smaller flowers with a much lighter color and less flowers per stem.  Superbe light-grey rosettes. Raised on Alpigena Nursery 2008.  Doing fine in superbe drained soil with a lot of chippings in different sizes.  So poor lean soil,plenty of light and can have a fair amount of sun.  Propagation not so fast but on regular base in stock,but always fast sold out.

'Friesei'   x salmonica

Franz Sündermann round 1920.  Probably a straight crossbetween a burseriana and a marginata.  It's unfortunately a underestimated cultivar and that's not right.  'Friesei' is astrong and reliable cultivar which makes a pretty darker green cushion of distinct rosettes.  Handsome white flowers with reflexed petals often a bit hanging.  Deserves a place in every alpine-garden.

'Frydland'   x megaseaeflora

Rare and seldom seen Frantisek Holenka cultivar round 1990.  Charming rather big softer pink flowers,more shining in the veins.  A cultivar which requires more attention therefor maybe best in alpine-house?

'Funkii'  x petraschii.

Another nice petraschii,this one from Franz Sündermann 1920.  Probably a straight burseriana x tombeanensis cross.  Good white well formed flowers on mediun stem.  Rosettes close.  Best for light spot with even some sun but like all x petraschii's well drained.  


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