'Haagii'   x eudoxiana

Good old wellknown hybrid from ofcourse Franz Sündermann 1908.  Looks almost certain a straight cross ferdinandi-coburgi x sancta.  More to f.Coburgi.  Easy going and well flowering cultivar for almost any spot.  But to keep more compact i prefer a soil mixture of sand/chippings,plenty of light and even a fair amount of sun.


More details in due time.

'Hanicka'   NCC

Seedling burseriana from Miroslav Kraus 1988.  Pretty big white flowers on medium dark red stems and red sepals.  Nice hummock of more burseriana like rosettes.  Very good hybrid which will do well on a spot with much light and in poor lean soil mixture.  Can even withstand some sun.  

'Hannelore'   x wehrhannii

Franz Sündermann 1970.  More difficult cultivar which wet feet very much and i think best with overhead protection in wet winters.  Scardica crossed with marginata var. rocheliana.  The pure-white multiple flowers are beautiful but small.  Rosettes handsome to see,small and spiky but like i said vunerable for too much moisture

'Hansii'   x petraschii

1920 raised by Franz Sündermann.  Looks like a burseriana x tombeanensis cross,and not so easy.  To grow well ther's amost no other option than pot/alpine-house.  In the garden tufstone or very sheltered spot without direct harsh weather.  Overhead protection early in autumn/winter.  Soil a mixture of coarse sand/chippings bit of clay.  Pure-white big flowers.  Sometimes available due to the very slow and difficult propagation.

'Harbinger'   NCY

Robert Rolfe 1999 a burseriana x lowndesii cross with in my opinion a somewhat unexpected outcome.  Good hummock of firm lighter-green rosettes. Big white flowers which have a slightly pinkish flash in the beginning of flowering.  To keep compact i prefer a more clayey/humus rich soil mixture with a lot of chippings for it must be weel drained at the sme time.  In wet winters it requires for certain overhead protection.  Strange enough 'Harbinger's' grown in pot/alpine-house look much much better sometimes even different from the ones grown outside.

'Harfa'   NCC

Another living proof that Non Classible cultivars can be beautiful and outstanding hybrids.  Only 'Snobs' look down on the NCC (so that is finally said). Frantisek Holenka raised this cute litlle thing round 1995.  Small irregular growing cushion with litlle spiky rosettes.  Flowers good pink and obvious veins in the petals.  Lovely flower centre as you can see.  Easy going on every well drained spot.  And excellent in tufstone and through.  Slow growing and slow to root.  Very high in demand by the real connaisseurs!

'Harlow Car'   NCC

The plant going around in the circuit is not the Saxifraga described as 'Harlow Car',which is more like a x anglica 'Winifred'.  Maybe it's even the same plant.  The Saxifraga you find in most gardens is probably a x poluanglica type?  For this reason we do not propagate this plant.  There's already enough mixed up in the Saxifraga family.

'Harold Lloyd'   NCY

A poluniniana x sep549 seedling from Jan Bürgel 1994.  Needs a more sheltered spot,bit moist and cool without ofcourse the warm sun between 12.00-16.00 hours.  The influence of sep45 slowed down the growth.  Good lime pits on the leaves.  

'Harry Marshall'  x irvingii

Splendid cross from R.V.Prichard 1920.  Love this one very much in a big piece of tufstone on a prominent spot.  Or in a through.  Pretty close growing rosettes which give this the real 'alpine' look.  In bud beautiful with the eye-catching red buds.  Flowers a delicate soft pink tone.  In the open alpine-garden a spot with enough light,can withstand some sun.  Well drained ofcourse but maybe bit more hunus/clayey mixture.  One of the better cultivars for sure.  Very,very higly in demand and often as fast as lightening sold out,so please don't kill me.


More details in due time.

'Hedwig'   x malbyana

Lovely bit delicate cultivar from Franz Sündermann round 1969.  Wonderfull aretioides x diapensioides cross,not surprsingly the most easy to grow.  Very,very slow and best in pot/alpine house,tufstone or through.  Rosettes are vunerable for too much rain/moisture so keep that in mind.  Whitish-yellow flowers beautiful to see.  Pitty is that propagation is not only slow but also difficult.  So please understand this is one of those cultivars that's not so easy to obtain.

'Helios'   NCC

Ha..this is a nice seedling maybe from a x apiculata 'Gregor mendel'.  Very close growing rosettes of a good green color and sharply pointed,concave growing.  Flower close on the plant,light-yellow.  Give well drained spot,gravelly.  Can withstand fair amount of sun.  slow to normal growth.  Plant from H.L Foster 1970.  Maybe with burseriana influenece? Popular! 

'Henri Rousseau'  Conspecta Group

Great cultivar from Karel lang 2009.  It's the obscure and difficult Saxifraga kotschyi x   x cullinanii 'Radvan Horny' which is on his turn lilacina x subverticillata.   Very good growth,with light-green softer bit fleshy leaves.  A mass of good multiple yellow flowers.  Surprsingly strong despite the tricky bloodline.  Doing well outside when not to wet in rainy periods and when winter is more wet than cold.  Fantastic to see in a pot/alpine-house.  Not to much sun and heath in warm summers.

'Herbert Cuerden'   x elisabethae

Raiser unknown,published 1983.  Somewhat strange hybrid with all the elisabethae features but very small oblong yellow flowers on large thin stems.  Rosettes are cute,small,sharp and elongated,close growing and making a handsome cushion.  Tends to grow loose when there is not enough light and soil is too rich.  So light spot with gravelly poor soil.  Strange thing.

'Hercule Poirot'   NCC

Selected from a swarm of seedlings on tufstone near a big Saxifraga scardica,but also marginata features?  Anyway,pretty white multiple flowers on firm straight-up stems.  Small hard rosettes,which do not like long periods of moisture,in other words...'Hercule Poirot' does not like wet feet but who does!?  Slow growing.  Give spot with plenty of light and even some sun ofcourse moderate.  Mature plants are best with cover in the winter otherwise pot/alpine/house.  Alpigena Nursery 2006.

'Hidde'   x poluanglica?

Seedling found in a through with x anglica's 2006 Alpigena Nursery.  Pleasing hybrid,with bit irregular flowers,color is not the same in the flowers it varies per flower.  Irregulkar flowering,but always enough flowers.  Not as fast growing as most Saxes of this type.  For a more cool spot,but morning and late afternoon sun is no problem.  

'Hindhead Seedling   x boydii

Marvelous Saxifraga with big good yellow flowers!  Used in many other cultivars.  Raised by N.W.Jenkin 1935.  Handsome rosettes making an irregular growing hummock.  Give well drained soil,light spot with even some sun.  Ofcourse this is a must have in every collection.

'His Majesty'   x irvingii

R.V.Prichard 1927.  Wellknown cultivar,burseriana x lilacina.  Flowers almost white,in bud stage faintly pinkish,later just a tinge in the white.  Plant can be bit vunerable when spot is too wet,so think best in very well drained soil mixture.  Growth is normal to slow.  Rosettes nice,more to burseriana and close growing.  Reddish stems and very nice purple-red colored nectary ring.  

'Hocker Edge'   x arco-valleyi

One of the most popular cultivars for many years now mostly because the uncommon rosettes and the irregular growing cushion.  But the lovely soft colored well formed flowers are not bad at all!  Not confirmed but looks like a lilacina x marginata var.boryi.  Rather slow growing but easy and strong hybrid for a spot with enough light.  Can withstand some sun.  Recommendable in tufstone or through.  Highly in demand.

'Honington'   x poluanglica

Walkey and Dowker 1991.  Like most x poluanglica's 'Honington' is also a very good flowering hybrid with a good color.  Doing fine on a more cool and shady spot but naturally not too dark.  Making a beautiful waterfall in a big piece of tufstone.

'Hradcany'   x megaseaeflora

Most Holenka seedling are very good hybrids,the same with this 'Hradcany'. There is a faintly tinge of orangeish in the petals which give the yellow an other accent.  Suitable for tufstone and a through.  Doing well outside,not a real troublemaker.  Bit slow maybe but steady.

'Humoreska'   x megaseaeflora

Marvelous cross from Miroslav Kraus without any doubt!  Belongs to the overall 'better' crosses made in the last decades.  It's a cross between x megaseaeflora 'Jupiter' and the beautiful  x boydii 'Luteola'.  Handsome big flowers with a unusual flower color a sort of buff orangeish-yellow.  Good hummuck of pretty rosettes.  Strong and rather easy Saxifraga for almost any spot in the alpine-garden.  Much used as eye-catcher in tufstone and through.  Growth is more slow as normal.   Always among the first to be sold out.

Sorry we lost man photos from the 'I' section.

'Icicle'   x elisabethae

Seldome seen cross from H.L.Foster 1969.  It's a bit difficult to please burseriana x   x elisabethae 'Sylva' hybrid.  Compact domed growing Sax,which does not like too much moisture during whole year.  Very good white long-lasting flowers.  Growth is more slow as normal.

'Idlicote'   x poluanglica

Another good poluanglica cross from Dowker and Walkey round 1990.  Cross poluniniana x  x anglica 'Winifred'.  For more cool spot.  Mass of pretty pink fowers. Normal growth.

'Ignaz Dörfler'   x doerfleri

Franz Sündermann plant from 1915.  Saxifraga grisebachii x Saxifraga stribrnyi.  Beautiful but slow growing hybrid for an open light spot and even some sun.  Very well drained gravelly poor soil mixture to keep ti fit.  Propagation is not easy and slow.  Therefor not in a regular base in stock.


More details in due time

'Immanuel Kant'

More details in due time.

'Intensia'   clone sempervivum

Beautiful darker-red engleria type flowers.  More firm,sharply pointed rosettes.  For a open spot,awfull well drained and some sun.  Best with overhead protection to keep it more fit during wet winters.  Problem is the rather slow growth and the slow and tricky rooting.  On a regular base in stock but always sold out as fast as lightning.

'Intermedia'   clone sempervivum

Sorry,we lost many photo's from the letter 'I' section.  Franz Sündermann 1969.  


More details in due time.

'Irene Bacci'   x bacci

Wonderful cross by Sergio Bacci and Adrian Young.  A cross between stolitzkae(andersonii?) x  x anglica 'Winifred.  Amazing pink color,flowers big,multiple on medium stem.  Handsome rosettes more to stolitzkae.  For a spot with good daylight and lean soil mixture,well drained.  Bit slow growing.  Almost on every whishlist.

'Iris Prichard'    x hardingii

Russel Vincent Prichard in 1930.  A burseriana x luteo-purpurea nm. godroniana.  Pretty,not regulary seen cross.  Rosettes more to burseriana.  Flowers,multiple on long soft-red stem.  Color bit a melting pot,looks like a soft  x hardingii 'Buster',a sort of very soft orangeish pinkish in the begining going to a more orangeish-yellowish fading much lighter.  Slow growing,for a very well drained spot because it's afraid of wet feet.  

'Isobel Young'   NCY

A x hornibrookii 'Riverslea' x   x anglica 'Grace Farwell' cross from the Saxifraga registrar Adrian Young 1985.  Brilliant Saxifraga,bit difficult to please.  Uncommon Red flower color and handsome rosettes.  Sheltered spot in the open alpine garden with very very well drained gravelly soil.  I prefer overhead protection when winter is more wet than cold.  Pot/alpine-house beauty ofcourse even as litlle rockdiamond in a tufstone or through.  Growth is slow and propagation tricky.  With some more attention a wonderful Saxifraga to grow but also difficult to obtain.

'Ivan Papanin'   Investigative Group

New intro from Karel lang 2012 Czech-republic.  Strange cross between spruneri var spruneri x dinnikii!  Needs more reasearch from my side to give exact details about how to grow in our lowland gardens.  But in pot it's growing reasonable well.  Outside in the open garden 2 plants do well on a more sheltered spot in a bit more humus rich well drained soil and overhead protection in winter.  Nice rosettes with a very nice soft tone of pink in the white petals.

'Ivan Urumov'   x urumoffii

Seldom seen and offered rather difficult to please cross from Franz Sündermann round 1920.  The cross is ferdinandi-coburgii x luteo-viridis,much closer to ferdinandi-coburgi.  The color is a uncommon yellow a sort of greenish faint in the yellow.  Short rosettes,nice sharply pointed.  Rather long stems.  Best in pot/alpine-house. In the garden it will thrive but not exuberantly.  Give a more sheltered spot behind a stone or dwarf-conifer in a more humus/clayey rich soil but ofcourse fast draining and overhead protection in winter.  Slow growing and slow to root.  Not on a regulary base in stock.

'Ivana'   x caroliquartii

Karel Lang 1990.  Cross between the very difficult Saxifraga albertii and the beautifull lowndesii!  More to albertii rosettes,flowers white with a flush of pink.  Maybe not a spectacular hybrid but more a delicate and charming one which is interesting for the bloodline.  More a collectors item.  Needs attention in the open garden but overhere it does rather well in humus/clayey soil with a lot of chippings in different sizes.  Bit cool spot,not the warm sun at the middle of the day.  And older plants best with overhead protection in winter.  Maybe good in tufstone?


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