'James'   NCY

Pleasing cultivar from j.Dixon 2000.  Cross aretioides x poluniniana.  Like the parents this very handsome hybrid needs some more attention to keep in good condition.  Most important issue is that the draining must be very well,but the plants thrives best with some more humus/clayey rich soil.  I prefer overhead protection when winter is more wet than cold.  Seen one in tufstone and it was going well.  Ofcourse a good option as potplant.  Bit slow growth although the influence of poluniniana. Charming flowers,multiple on short stem with nice contasting red sepals.

'James Bond'

More details in due time

'Jan Amos Komensky'   x anglica

Frantisek Holenka 1979.  A rare and seldom seen cultivar which is not easy to please in my humble opinion.  A beautiful Dark-purple flowers which fade to a paler lilac-pink during flowering.  Small bit soft fleshy rosettes more to lilacina.  Best in alpine-house planted in a mixture of more peaty-soil.  For more skilled growers with a alpine-house.  Just somerimes available due to shortage of cuting material and the tricky propagation.

'Jan Bürgel'   Research Group.

More recent cultivar from the hand of Karel Lang 2012.  Good try from mr.Lang this is poluniniana x pulchra.  Maybe not spectacular but a charming delicate cross.  Small good rosettes,bit fleshy,medium stem with multiple flowers of a uncommon color which is a pinkish-white and purplish flushes around the edges.  Doing well here just outside on a cooler spot with some more humus in the soil.  

'Jan Evangelista Purkynê'   NCC

Hybrid from Karel pech round 1993.  Slow growing,but beautiful Saxifraga for a more open spot with enough daylight and even some sun.  Maybe bit more humus rich soil to keep it better going.  Can be vuneravle for wet feet.  Plants like this i prefer in winter with cover against too much moisture.  Not easy to obtain due to slow growth and propagation.  Highly in demand.  Fore more skilled growers.

'Jan Neruda'   x megaseaeflora

Ofcourse one of the best and most popular cultivars.  Raised by Miroslav Kraus round 1993.  It's a cross between x megaseaeflora 'Karel Capek' type Holenka x x megaseaeflora 'Karel Capek' type Kraus.  Doing perfect on almost any spot aswell in tufstone,trough,alpine/house.  Big lovely waved flowers very light pink with a fine pinkish flush.  Color can differ from season to season due to weather/winter conditions.  Absolute must have ofcourse.

'Jan Palach'   x krausii

Sax from Jan Bürgel 1993.  It's a ferdinandi-coburgii crossed with a  x anglica 'Winifred'.  Small orange flowers,multiple,on short stem.  Close growing rosettes more to F.coburgii.  Nice cultivar,bit slow growing and afraid of too wet feet.  Outside bit tricky to grow well but under good conditions it will work out.  Give sheltered spot,very well drained gravelly more poor soil.   I prefer cover in winter.  

'Jan Preisler'   Decor Group

A kotschyi x  x polulacina 'Kathleen' cross from Karel Lang.  Handsome cross from Karel Lang,2010.  Rosettes nice looking with obvious lime-pits,sharply pointed.  Making a good growing hummock.  Flowers multiple,in bud orengeish-red going to a soft orange when opened.  Doing well outside,on a spot not to warm and sunny.

'Jaroslav Horny'   clone marginata

Seedling from marginata seed collected in the Lausanne botanical garden.  Named by karel Stivin round 1960.  It's a very interesting hybrid for sure.  Slow growing,handsome irregular rosettes.  Firm stem with good white multiple flowers.  Maybe best for more skilled growers.  Needs when grown just outside in the rock-garden a sheltered spot behind a big rock or so,not to shady but it dislikess the warm sun around noon.  Give verry well drained soil,with a lot of chippings in different sizes to have a good free moist and air flow.  In winter best with cover for to0 much wetness.  Does well in a pot/alpine-house.  Propagation is very slow and rather difficult therefor not always in stock.

'Jason'   x elisabethae

'Jean Paul Satre'   NCC

'Jenkinsiae'   x irvingii

'Joachim Barande'   x siluris 

'Jocelynne Bacci'  NCY

A x boydii 'Sulphurea' x wendelboi.

'Johanka'  NCC

'Johan kellerer'   x kellereri

'Johann Wolfgang Goethe'   Literary Group

'John Byam Grounds'    Honor Group

'John Tomlinson'   clone burseriana

'Jolly Joker'   NCC

'Jörg'   x biasolettoi

'Josef Capek'   x megaseaeflora

'Josef Janous'   x doerfleri

'Josef Mánes'   x borisii

'Joy Bishop'   Válido Group

'Joyce Carruthers'   Victoria Group

'Jubilee'   x edithae 

'Judith Shackleton'   x abingdonensis

'Jupiter'   x megaseaeflora


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