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Porophyllum Saxifragas like a lot of light, but not much and directly sunlight. They prefer a cool spot in the rock garden but not too dark. Some can tolerate the sun a litlle bit better, but not during the hottest hours. In our not mountainous climate, with more wet than cold winters, a fast drainage is very important. That's why a poor, gravelly soil is the best. But in summer roots may never dry out! Some of them need a bot more humus rich soil. Some grow best in a tuff stone. In the catalogue we use the following abbreviations


Location:      A= Sunny   B= Semi-shade   C= Shadow but enough light   TS= Tuff   T- Trough

Difficulty:     1= Easy   2= Some minor adjustments   3= Best with winter cover   4= Alpine house

Growth:        1= Fast   2= Normal   3= moderate   4= Slow

Soil type:     PGS= Poor gravelly soil     HRS= More humus rich soil     ( Click here for more explanation)

Porophyllum C


Surprise group

K.Lang   2012

Without doubt a difficult but beautiful orange flowering plant. Cross between aretioides x  x columpoda (columnaris x scleropoda) Slow growing.


Stock: 0

Location: A/B   Difficulty: 3/4   Growth: 4   Soil type: PGS




x bilekii

F.Sündermann   1913

Very old cultivar, from the botanical cross ferdinandi-coburgi x tombeanensis. More rare than beautiful. Bit slow and not so easy to please. Dislikess wetfeet and too much rain. More a collectors plant.

Stock: 0

Location: A/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil typ: PGS


'Charles Chaplin'

poluniniana x 'Nancye'

J.Bürgel   1994

Pleasing and 'fresh' white flowering cross. The pink from 'Nancye' is only visible in the buds. Flowers very well. 




Stock: 15

Location: B/C   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 1 Soil type: HRS



'Christian Huygens'

Surprise Group

K.Lang   2006

This is for most Saxifraga lovers  the 'Holy Grail'. Cross between aretioides and x columpoda which is columnaris x scleropoda. Beautiful orange clustered flowers, slow growing, is strong but dislikess too much rain. Unfortunately difficult and slow to propagate. First come first served.

Stock: 0

Location: A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3/4   Growth: 4   Soil type: PGS



Nepal 2700m

H.Smith 1958

Fore sure a must have if you love botanical Saxifragas. Our mother plant is a very good flowering one. Rather late flowering. Rosettes greyish green, making a good cushion.  Strong, but overhead cover in winter. 

Stock: 4

Location: A/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS




W.Harding   1990's

Fine and good plant from Winton Harding. Yellow multiple flowers, good rosettes, rather strong. Bit slow growing.



Stock: 2 

Location A/B   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Claude Monet'

Impression group

K.Lang   2003

kotschyi x lilacina cross. One of the painter seedlings. The reddish color fades quickly during flowering. But a nice eyecatching one in spring. Keep an eye on it when autumn/ winter is wet.

Stock: 7

Location: B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS




x borisii

F.Sündermann & R.Horny   1986

Recommendable cross, with a good yellow color. Multiple longlasting flowers. Nice rosettes making a good  hummock. Strong plant.



Stock: 7

Location: A   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS



'Clermont Ferrand'


B.Moerland    2011

Lucky seedling in a trough with several Holenka NCC cultivars. Not so easy Sax but very beautiful flowers and nice small tight growing rosettes. Best with cover in autumn/winter for too much rain. Perfect in tuf stone.

Stock: 12

Location: A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil typ: PGS



Betcho pass seedling

B.Moerland   2011

Beautiful white flowering Sax. Seedling from a plant collected on the Betcho Pass, now named as 'Wolfgang Strumpf'. Need some more care, dislikess too much rain. Cover in winter or alpine house. Highly in demand.

Stock: 6

Location: A/T/AH   Difficulty: 2/3/4   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Coolock Gem'

NCC ('Myriad' seedling)

J.Almond   2002

One of the best introductions of the last decades, an the best white around. Strong, reliable flowering, good flower shape, good growth. Real eyecatcher! For sure a splendid plant for the showbench. Mother 'Myriad' is already beautiful but the daughter beats mommy! Very, very highly in demand!

Stock: 20

Location: B/3/TS   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 1   Soil type: HRS


'Coolock Jean'

NCC ('Coolock Kate' seedling)

J.Almond   2006

Recommendable NCC. Good flower shape, good colour, good growth, good Sax!  But keep her out the sun on the hottest hours. Also a Saxifraga which is popular and for that fast sold out.





Stock: 4

Location: B/C/TS   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 1/2   Soil type: HRS


'Coolock Kate'

NCC ('Myriad seedling')

J.Almond   2002

Color is a bit variable, a very deep pink red. Love her or hate can not overlook this Kate. Bit more tricky as the other two 'Coolock's'. No direct sunlight and best with cover in autumn/winter or alpine house. Over the last years this is the most sought after Saxifraga. Undisputed the number 1 on the order lists!  First come, first served.


Stock: 2

Location: 3/4/TS/T   Difficulty: 3/4   Growth: 2   Soil type: HRS



burseriana clone

F.Sündermann   1950

Wild collected burseriana which differs from the specie. Very elegant pure white waved flower petals, blunt lobes on the front margin. Red stems. Bit slower growing. Not often offered, quite rare in the catalogs. 




Stock: 13

Location: A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 2/3   Soil type: PGS




x anglica

R.V.Prichard   1934

Old cultivar, but unbeatable if you consider what is in fact a good, strong, reliable Saxifraga. So, still one of the best maybe the best Saxifraga out there.....

An absolute must have. Strong, one of the best pink flowers, nice cushion. Excellent in tuf stone, trough or pot. Without problems in the open rock garden. We always try to grow many 'Cranbourne's because of the high demand.

Stock: 23

Location: 1/2/TS/T   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 2   Soil typ: PGS



'Cream Seedling'


Paradise Nursery   1978

Dark green, nice spiky rosettes. medium length sten with multiple soft yellow flowers. Free flowering, strong, fresh and pleasant looking Saxifraga.





Stock: 4

Location: A   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 1/2   Soil type: PGS


'Crimscote love'

x poluanglica

D.Walkey & B.Dowker   2004

Lovely cross between two cultivars, 'Love me' and 'Edgehill'. Striking is the darker centre during flowering. Well formed petals, good pink, and cute small rosettes. Keep her out the sun, maybe just a bit late afternoon sun. Keep moist.

Stock: 2

Location: 2/3/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 1/2   Soil type: HRS




R.Beeston & R.Rolfe   1993

Ofcours a must have in the rock garden. Also a good Saxifraga on the show bench. During flowering turning more pinkish. Easy and strong, fast growth and always a mass of flowers. Nice in a big tuf stone.


Stock: 17

Location: B/TS   Difficulty: 1   growth: 1/2   Soil type: PGS




J Eschmann   1996

Strange and bit rare Saxifraga from the cross ferdinandi-coburgi x 'Alfons Mucha'. Not a real easy one, dislikess too much moist. Rosettes nice, more like ferdinandi-coburgi. Flowers orangeish red. Collectors plant.

Stock: 2

Location: A/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3/4   Growth: 3/4   Soil type: PGS


'Cyber Prostor'

lilacina x 'Martha'

J.Bürgel   1995

An other strange combination but with some care a recommendable en welcome Saxifraga. Not often seen color. A sort of yellowish-pink with soft red stems. Not so easy to obtain, more a rarity for collectors.

Stock: 6

Location: 2/3/TS/T   Difficulty: 3/4   Growth: 3/4   Soil type: HRS



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