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Porophyllum Saxifragas like a lot of light, but not much directly sunlight. They prefer a cool spot in the rock garden but not too dark. Some can tolerate the sun a litlle bit better, but not during the hottest hours. In our mountainous climate, with more wet than cold winters, a fast drainage is very important. That's why poor gravelly soil is the best. But in summer roots may never dry out. Some of them need a bit more humus rich soil. Some grow best in tuff stone.  In the catalogue we use the following abbreviations


Location:    A=Sunny   B= Semi shade   C= Shadow but enough light   TS= Tuff   T= Trough

Difficulty:   1= Easy   2= Some minor adjustments   3= Best with winter cover   4= Alpine house

Growth:      1= Fast   2= Normal   3= Moderate   4= Slow

Soil Type:   PGS= Poor gravelly soil     HRS= More humus rich soil     ( Click here for more explanation)

Porophyllum D

'David Harding'

x goringana 

W.Harding  & A.Young   2018

For a long time going around as 'Nancye' 1, renamed as 'David Harding'. Litlle pink flowers, fades during flowering time to light pink. Nice Saxifraga for a more sheltered spot. Doing very well in a nice tuff stone.

Stock: 3

Location: B/C/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 2   Soil typ: PGS




B.Moerland   2009

From mixed seeds, probably marginata influence. Pure white multiple flowers.  Bit slow growing, strong. Good looking dark green rosettes. Attractive plant for a open spot with enough light even a bit sunlight. 

Stock: 10

Location: A/B   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 2/3   Soil type: PGS


'Dawn Frost'

'Myra' seedling

J.Bürgel   1990

Desirable Saxifraga, bit irregular flowers but charming. Good pink color. Rosettes close packed with a greyish tip on the leaf point. For a more sheltered spot with enough light. Nice!

Stock: 4

Location: 2/3/TS   Difficulty: 2   Growth: 1/2   Soil type: HRS


specie Debu 20/11/1



Plant collected on expedition in Pakistan. White flowers. Maybe a wild hybrid. No more research available. Good and nice plant.



Stock: 14

Location: B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS



x lincolni fosteri

H.L.Foster   1969

Attractive plant which need some more attention. Beautiful greyish small spiky rosettes, media length red stems, soft yellow flowers. The color combination, grey, red, yellow is eye-catching and cannot be overlooked. Open spot with good light even a bit sunlight. Give very good drainage for it dislikess too wet roots very much.

Stock: 2

Location: A/B/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Divci Hrady'

Locations Group

K.Lang   2015

marginata crossed with a x columnaris. Delicate plant, with nice pinkish white flowers. Rosettes making a tight nice hummock. Dislikes wetness. One of the newer intro's of recent years and certainly recommendable.


Stock: 12

Location: A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Donnington Rose'


D.Bennett   2002

Splendid 'Winifred' seedling with all the good features for a Saxifraga. Mass of flowers, attractive fast growing cushion, strong, eye-catcher in spring. For an open spot with enough daylight but not too much sun. Popular Saxifraga which is highly in demand. Very fast sold out.



Stock: 6

Location: B   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 1   Soil type: PGS



'Donnington Veil'


D.Bennett   2002

Gorgeous seedling from the famous Himalaya Queen lilacina. Very nice petals with obvious veins and waved margins. Small close packed rosettes with a greyish leaf tip. For an well drained spot with much daylight and not too much sun on the hottest hours.


Stock: 4

Location: B/TS   Difficulty: 2   Growth: 2   Soil typ: HRS


'Doris Young'


K.Lang   2009

Think more a collectors plant, lovely 'Ronald Young' seedling but bit tricky to grow. Good strong rosettes, pink is good especially in bud and unfolding. For a sheltered spot. Dislikess wetfeet so take care when autumn/winter is too wet.

Stock: 6

Location A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Dorothy Milne'

'Haagii' x 'Gregor Mendell'

Raiser not known    1960

Nice and good cross between these two yellow cultivars. Flowers yellow. for an open and gravelly spot. 




Stock: 5

Location: A   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS


'Dr. Watson'

poluniniana x kotschyi

J.Bürgel   2008

Strange combination but very nice! The Himalayan poluniniana which loves, shade and moist combined with the Caucasion Kotschyi which loves lime stone and some sun. Together the combine fine. The red stems and the yellow flowers giving it a fresh appearance. Bit care when winter is too wet. To play safe best with overhead winter cover.


Stock: 12

Location: A/B   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS




Clone ferdinandi-coburgi var. rhodopea

K.Stivin   1960

Maybe for the name but this also a sort of 'Holy Grail' Saxifraga for the collectors. Not an easy one, also due to difficult rooting. The trick is to grow 'Drakula'  in a place where it doesn't get rain. Watering by hand and not on the plant. Very good pot plant in alpine house when you have a good hand of watering. Best in the rock garden always covered. Lots of light and even a fair amount of sun. On the right spot 'Drakula' will thrive. Very highly in demand. 

Stock: 15

Location: A/TS/T   Difficulty: 3/4   Growth: 3/4   Soil type: PGS


'Dronfield Manor'


A.Young   2013

One of the most popular Saxes of this decade!  This proofs completely that NCC Saxifragas can be better as coordinated crosses. What a beauty, easy, strong, reliable flowering, one of the better pinks, well formed petals. Beautiful petal vaining and waved margin. Great 'WoW' factor by nursery visitors. 

Stock: 28

Location: A/B/TS/T   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 1/2   Soil type: PGS



NCC painters seedling

B.Moerland   2013

Lucky shot, seedling collected in a trough with several painter seedlings. Bit more difficult as the possible parents. Mostly 5-7 flowers on one stem. irregular flowering. Slowly fading flowers. Slowly growing and needs a sheltered spot. More a interesting collectors plant. Highly in demand.




Stock: 12

Location: B/C/TS/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3/4   Soil type: PGS




Raiser unknown   2010

Named by B.Moerland 2016, a very nice plant with pure white flowers received from a customer. Dark green bit flat rosettes. Nothing wrong with this plant a nice and good one for an open spot in the rock garden.


Stock: 19

Location: A/B   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 2   Soil type: PGS



x petraschii

H.L.Foster   1965

Pure white flowers, greyish rosettes intermediate the parents burseriana and tombeanensis. Slow growing which is coming from tombeanensis. Plants needs more attention for it doesn't like wet feet and wet rosettes. Best with cover in autumn/ winter. Interesting cross.

Stock: 8

Location: A/TS/T   Difficulty: 3/4   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS


'Edgar Irmscher'


F.Sündermann   1960

Bit 'messy' growing plant, but nice most due to the flowers. Orange with pronounced anthers and nice red in the eye when ripe. The light red stem complete the picture. Needs a spot with good daylight and even some sun otherwise it grows more 'messy'. Very good drainage and when autumn/winter is wet i prefer overhead cover.



Stock: 5

Location: A/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type PGS!




D.Hoare   2017

Love this Engleria type very much. It's a stribrnyi seedling. Irregular growing cushion but striking rosettes. Long lasting red pink flowers. Excellent plant for a trough with lots of daylight and a bit of sun. Found out it needs a very well drained soil, and when autumn/winter is wet best with cover to keep it in good condition.

Stock: 11

Location: A/T   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS!



x laeviformis

F.Sündermann   1920

Old an bit strange cultivar. Cross between marginata and the not so easy pseudolaevis. A real collectors plant which need some more care. Flowers on stem, yellow. Give a sheltered spot with good drainage. When winter is more wet than cold i prefer early cover. It's worth the effort for it's a interesting Saxifraga.

Stock: 10

Location: A/B   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: PGS



x landaueri

J.Bürgel & J.Eschmann   1995

This cross is from the bloodline burseriana x stribrnyi x marginata which indicates a strong cultivar, and it is. Long stem with multiple soft yellow flowers. Good sturdy rosettes. For an open spot with much daylight.



Stock: 5

Location: A   Difficulty: 1   Growth: 2/3   Soil type: PGS




B.Moerland   2012

Nice pink flowers on a short stem, x anglica like rosettes and flowers. Seedling found on a tufstone in the rock garden. For a sheltered spot. Somewhat slow growing and dislikess too much winter wetness.






Stock: 20

Location: 2/3   Difficulty: 2/3   Growth: 3   Soil type: HRS




J.Eschmann   2016

Always love the Engleria types. This one is good one. Special for the nice rosettes which are somewhat elongated columnar growing. Good deep red-purple flowers. 'Emden' needs a very well drained gravelly spot with plenty of daylight and some sun. It's strong and longlasting but when autumn/winter are wet i prefer overhead cover ton keep this juwel in perfect condition. Slow.

Stock: 10

Location: A   Difficulty: 1/3    Growth: 3/4   Soil type: PGS!




Raiser not known   2016

Named by B.Moerland 2016. Received from a friend as a seedling collected in his rock garden. Looks a lot like the x poluanglica types. But not so fast growing and more compact cushion. Flowers are light pink and certainly  allright. Altough origin unknown a Saxifraga to be promoted.

Stock: 9

Location: B   Difficulty: 1/2   Growth: 2   Soil type: HRS



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