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Porophyllum Catalog


Dear Saxifraga lovers

At First, the last two years were very busy for us. Due to the Corona virus there were no plant markets and open days at nurseries. So we had much more mail orders over the last two years. Due to this our list does not show as many Saxifragas as you are used to! Many are already sold out. We are sorry for that but we think there are still enough Saxes to choose from. And as you know we grow our plants in an ‘Old fashioned’ way in a lean and poor soil without any use of fertilizers. So it will take time for some plants to come back in the list. We will never change this to grow the plants faster. All plants are grown outside, not in a green- or alpine house.


The Saxifragas

  As you can understand some of the Porophyllum potted up spring 2021 are still young and small plants.  But ofcourse we will not send out too small plants which are not rooted well.  Most of you ask for small young plants which have a better regrow after planting out in garden, pot or tufstone. If you do not want to receive small plants, please let us know. We always send you a good Photo of the plants we collect for you.  So you can see what you get.  In stock are young small plants in 6 cm pots, and more mature plants in 6 and 8 cm.



Some plants are difficult to obtain and in small numbers, so it can be wise to order small plants and let them grow on at you own place in the pot you receive. Because difficult, rare, popular, seldom seen or new Porophyllums are always very fast sold out. So waiting too long for a Saxifraga you are looking for is mostly not wise, because it’s First come First serve.  Ofcourse  -after payment-  you can order now and leave the plants with us until you are ready to receive them. All Saxifragas, difficult or easy are € 3,00 each. Please see our website for discount offers and more details.



We grow our Saxifragas in a lean and poor soil without fertilizers and that takes time!  That’s why our Saxifragas are always rather small due to the way we grow and the great demand by Saxifraga lovers. So our Saxes are small and hardy but the regrow will be better.


Colors and difficultie

After request of many of you, we have tried to make some difference in the color. We also indicate globally how easy or difficult a plant is to grow. Based on the growing conditions outside in a average European rock garden. Easy and normal (A) growing conditions speak for them self. With a bit- and more care (B) we mean that the plant needs more protection in winter by giving some overhead shelter for too bad weather. Or a more cool spot in summer. With difficult (C) we mean that the plant can be grown outside with care and overhead shelter but maybe best in a alpine house



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