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Sempervivums are sold in 8 cm pots

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On this page we give you some information about the Sempervivums

Sempervivums.....loved by many world wide but not always by alpine gardeners. Although one can discuss about taste, you can say that sempervivums can be rather important for our alpine gardens. Like the Saxifraga's, they do not dissapear in the winter.  And doing so, they give color and body in the months that almost all alpine plants have withdrawn into the ground. That's why we started to grow a small but beautiful collection of sempervivums a few years ago. Many visitors asked if we had the sempervivums for sale, and so we started with propagating them.

There are almost 9000 different sempervivums, both botanical and cultivars. It's not our intention to list as many we can but to offer you just the most interesting cultivars and botanical sempervivums. We select for attractive color and shapes of the rosettes. But also try to find the not common cultivars and propagate them for you. The same with the botanical sempervivums, there are many different forms and we try to get hold of the most distinguished ones.

Growing sempervivums it's not always so easy as most think! Some of the botanical species do not like our wet autumns and winters at all. In their natural habitat they stay dry in winter time or are covered with snow. In our European lowland climate with more rain and sometime severe frost without snow they can have difficulties and die back if not given the right spot and treatment. In our list we give the right description for each plant.

So...the way sempervivums are grown is very inportant for you when you buy them! We grow our sempervivums without using any fertilizers and in a pottingsoil which is very poor and lean. This way they grow steady and slow, and become much more hardy and resistant to bad weather conditions. We grow them in 30% pottingsoil and 70% loam and chippings. The best way to grow them in your alpine garden is to use an comparable soil. 

The use of sempervivums in the alpine garden can be in many different ways. You can 'glue' them on stones or plant them in a litlle hole, especially in tufstone. But also filling up small fissures between stones can be a beautiful sight! Another strenght is that they can change color every season giving the alpine garden that extra sparkle between the predominantly green leaves of most other alpines. A good use of sempervivums is a true enrichment of the alpine garden.


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