Most Silvers are grown in 7cm pots.  The Silvers with big rosettes mostly in 9 cm.

When neccesary Silvers in 7cm pots will be repotted in 9cm pots.


Silvers in 5cm pot are 2,00 €uro a piece

Silvers in 7cm pot are 2,00 €uro a piece

Silvers in 9cm pot are 3,00 €uro a piece



'Agrippina Minor' 

Named after the mother of emperor Nero.  Selected by B.Moerland from a seedbatch in search of very small Silver Saxifrages.  There is paniculata involved.  Very small rosettes with clear lime-pits.  Soft light-green and nicely toothed.  Well formed white flowers on short stem.   Best in a well drained soil mixture for it dislikess to wet roots.   Looks superbe in a tight crevice.  Slow growing.

'Alan Hayhurst'

'Albert Schweitzer'

'Albida' ('Albertii')

Renamed by Ingwersen because there were already two plants in the family with this name.  The origin is probably before 1914.  Parenthood not clear but plant looks much as a callosa var.australis,but bigger in all features.  It's a very fine garden plant with good big rosettes and red flower stem.  White flowers with small red spots.  For a rather sunny spot in gravelly soil fot it dislikess wet feet in autumn and winter.


Parenthood not clear,hostii with something?.  Can give very very big rosettes!  Bit off-white flowers on long stem.  For a rather sunny side.  Maybe when winters are more wet than cold some overhead protection can be wise for the big rosettes can tend to get brownish from to much moisture.  Steady grower.





Beautiful dwarfish cochlearis seedling coming from a big cochlearis form. 



'Aurelia Cotta'







'Blue Sapphire'





We grow several caesia's from different area's.  All with small differences.

'Castelane' 1  clone callosa

'Castelane' 2  clone callosa

'Castelane'  1  clone paniculata

'Canis - Dalmatica'




'Cecile Davies'


'Celestial Empire'