Most Silvers are grown in 7cm pots.   The Silvers with big rosettes mostly in 9cm pots.

When neccesary Silvers in 7cm pots are repotted in 9cm pots.


Silvers in 5 cm pots are 2,00 €uro a piece.

Silvers in 7cm pots are 2,00 €uro a piece.

Silvers in 9cm pots are 3,00 €uro a piece.

x churchillii


cochlearis var.major

cochlearis var minor

cochlearis x valdensis


'Conny Greenfield'


cotyledon collected Valle di Formaza

We grow several different wild collected cotyledons.

cotyledon var. pyramidalis


We grow many,many different crustata forms all wild collected or from wild collected seed.  From big to very small forms.  Some are them are listed under a cultivar bane like the dwarf form 'Slovene Silver' we brought in circulation.  Some are easy and some are very difficult to grow.  Some with big flowers,some with a very short stem and small flowers.


x kolenatiana x cartilaginea B.Moerland








x engleria



'Fawlty Towers'

'Florence Nightingale'  x cochlearis

'Foster's  Red'

'Francis Cade'


x gaudinii

'George Washington'

'Gorge du Verdon'   specie Gert Hoek  

clone Gorge du Verdon  red stem form  callosa      Gert Hoek

clone Gorge du Verdon 1   callosa  Gert Hoek

clone  Gorge du Verdon 2   callosa    Gert Hoek

'Grimsel Pass'    clone hostii ssp. hostii

'Hare Knoll Beauty'

'Herbert von Karajan'

'Hi  Ho Silver'


hostii  ssp. hostii