hostii  ssp.  rhaetica

'Imsterberg'   clone paniculata


'Jean Fouquaert'   clone paniculata


Photo by J. Fouquaert

'Kathleen Pinsent'

'Kath's Delight'





Lac d'alos     clone paniculata     Gert Hoek

Lac  d' alos 2    clone callosa    Gert Hoek

Lac  de  Castillion 2   clone paniculata     Gert Hoek

Lac  de  Castillion 2   clone callosa     Gert hoek

Lac  de  Castillion 3   clone callosa     Gert Hoek

Lac  de  Castillion 4   clone callosa     Gert Hoek

'La Graveana'


'Lantoscana Limelight'

'Lantoscana  Superba'



x lhommei

'Litlle  Chap'


Longifolia seedling

'Litlle  Green  Goblin'

'Lincoln  Foster'


'Lutea' clone paniculata


'Maglic'   clone pectinata

One of the most beautiful Silvers in the circuit.  A natural hybrid between paniculata and crustata.  This one is collected on the Montenegro border in the Dinaric Alps.  Plant with a beautiful red winter color and red stems.  Beautiful rosettes!  Best on a very well heavily gravelly drained spot,because it dislikes wet roots in our lowland winters. Loves a fair amount of sun.  Flowers white with occasional spots.  Growth is  slow to regular.  This Silver is extremely High in demand,so do not dissapointed when sold out.


'Malyi'   var. paniculata


'Maria Gallettii'



'Moondance'   x cochlearis

'Monte Cervino'  clone paniculata



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