Seedling from Saxifraga minutifolia. Even smaller than mother.  Fast growing and crawling,excellent for crevice!.  Give sunny position in poor lean soil to keep compact and mroe tight.  Small white flowers.  Recommendable matforming litlle Silver from the Alpigena Nursery.  One of the most wanted Silvers,so very fast sold out.


Beautiful  older crustata seedling from the Alpigena Nursery.  Seen around in the circuit with the wrong name 'Rex' which is not because 'Rex' is an paniculata cultivar.  Flowers white,close on long stem.  Superbe rosettes,very silvery grey.  Give a rather dry and sunny spot for it dislikes wet roots!  Must be very well drained and better with overhead protection when autumn and winter are more wet than cold.  Slow growing and maybe best for Alpine-house or in Tufstone.  Popular among collectors.


'Oh Yes'   x cochlearis

'Ota'   x kolenatiana

'Orientalis'    clone paniculata


Always several wild collected paniculata's from the typical specie in stock from different area's.   From small to larger,most easy for almost any rather well drained and more sunny spot in the rockgarden.

paniculata ssp. cartilaginea  -Rose Form-

paniculata ssp.cartilaginea   -White form- 

paniculata var. laestadii

x pectinata

'Picos'    clone paniculata

'Polish Red'



probynii   paniculata


'Pure'   clone cotyledon

From a swarm young cotyledons collected by Gert Hoek,we selected an outstanding young plant which has all the features one is looking for in a Saxifraga and named it 'Pure'.   Unbelievable big flowerspike!   Beautiful rosettes,breathtaking to see in the budfase.  Bit slow growing.  Give a very well drained soil,for it does not like wet feet for to long time.  Give overhead protection when autumn and winter are more wet than cold.   it will not surprise you that this beauty is one of our most requested plants,so you must me lucky.

The amazing 'Pure'


Beautiful cream-yellow Silver from the Alpigena Nursery,with red dots.   Sunny position in poor gravelly soil.  paniculata like rosettes.  Stem medium lenght.   Regular growth.   Long waiting list.


Sold out at the moment.  Long waitinglist.    Big spike with white flowers,some dots.   One of the biggest rosettes in the circuit.   Selected from hostii ssp. hostii  'Grimsel Pass' seedlings.   Doing fine in Tufstone..what a joke.   Open well drained spot required.  A fair amount of sun,and best to plant bit vertical.   Overhead protection in winter to keep in better condition when winter is wet.

'Rainsley Seedling'


Another thrilling intro from the Alpigena Nursery is Raspoetin'.    Raised from hostii ssp. hostii  'Grimsel Pass'  seed,probably with one of the kolenatiana's,but not sure.  Doing well outside in the rockery without winterprotection.  Rather slow growing.  Give bit more claye well drained soil.  Can stand a fair amount of sun.  White flowers.  At the moment long waiting list for this Juwel.

'Reginald Farrer'

'Red Star'

'Rex'   x paniculata

'Ria'    x paniculata

'Richard Ball'

'Rosea'    x paniculata

'Rosularis'   x paniculata


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