'Spotty Cotty'

'Silver Amulet'

'Silver Dot'

'Silver Hill'

'Silver Light'

'Silver Midnight'

'Silver Night'

'Silver Notch'

'Silver Pearl'

Beautiful dwarfish crustata seedling with white flowers.  Bit tricky.  Give a very well drained heavily gritted soil.  Best with overhead protection or in a Tufstone.   Growth slow,collectors item.  Highly in demand.

'Silver Queen'

'Silver Ridge'

'Silver Spirit'

'Silver Surprise'

'Silver Trust'

'Silver Valley'

One of the most beautiful small Silvers in the circuit.  Close packed,beautiful regular shaped and encrusted rosettes.  Give poor soil,very well drained soil,to get this amazing appearance. White small flowers,but scarse flowering.  Superbe in a Tufstone.  Highly in demand by the real connaisseurs.

'Slack's  Supreme'

'Slovene Silver'   clone crustata

Received 2004 in the Czech republic this beautiful dwarfish treasure which flowers sparsley.  Wild collected in Slovenia.  Brought in the circuit under the name - Saxifraga wild collected Slovenia- and it's now a very popular.  Named by Rick Lambert.


'South Side Seedling'


'St. Johns'   x fritschiana


'Super Nova'