Some random photo's of the Saxifraga area at Waterperry

'Tysoe Robin'

All the photo's on this page are submitted by Adrian Young except the photo of the checklist which is from Bart Moerland.

Adrian Young

Our friend mr.Adrian Young is not only a Saxifraga specialist but also holder of the UK National Saxifraga collection and the registrar for all the Saxifrages according the rules of the IRCA.  ( International Cultivar Registration Authority )

And.... he is a nice and friendly guy............


At Waterperry Gardens near Oxford in England the Saxifraga Collection is housed and mantained by Adrian and the volunteers.

Every spring there is an Open-Day with lectures and plant sales, a perfect day to meet other Saxifraga lovers.


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Left;  'Allendale Fairy'   Right;  'Tysoe Annapurna'

Adrian also wrote an absolute indispensable book/checklist of all the Porophyllum Cultivars!  

This 'Tool' is a must for every Saxifraga Lover!

To obtain your own copy...please send a E-Mail to Adrian, you can use the link or copy it.

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Left 'Tysoe Everest'   Right 'Tysoe Burgundy'

Left 'Allendale Fairy' in full bloom.  Right 'Allendale Ghost'