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1.Societies   2.Nurseries   3.Botanical Gardens   4.Private Websites related to Alpines

1.  Alpine or related Societies,Clubs,Groups.

Flemish Rockgarden Society with Forum

Site in Dutch,German and English.

The forum is in colloboration of the Dutch Rockgarden Society.

It's a great Forum with many excellent items!

Very worthwile to visit!

The Saxifraga Society

A must for us Saxifraga lovers.   Please take a look and see what The Saxifraga Society can do for you

The Scottish Rock Garden Club

Please go to their website and surf around.  Beautiful website with all kind of information and a superbe forum!

The Alpine Garden Society

Famous website.  Please take a bath in the wonderful world of Alpines!

North American Garden Society

Worth a visit!   Many interesting items all about our favorite passion.

The Cyclamen Society

Cyclamen,those litlle wonderful plants belong in every rock garden.  Click and take a look in the amazing world of Cyclamen!   

The Fritillaria Group

Specialist group about the intruiging Fritillaria's  Lot of information and beautiful photo's.

Danish Rockgarden Society

Superbe website of The Danish Alpinegarden Society!   Please take a look,information,photo' of the best Alpine related websites.

American Primrose Society

Highly interesting website were you can see and learn a lot about a very imprtant group of plants for the alpineplant lover.

2.  Nurseries

De Gentiaan

Dutch Nursery in the neighbourhood of Zwolle not far from The Alpigena Nursery so perfect to visit both on the same day!

mr.Freek Blokzijl's nursery does have many show alpine gardens and a lot of alpine plants.  One can buy throughs,dwarf conifers.  Very good for beginners,but also many surprising plants for more more skilled growers,

Philipe van Hilst Alpines

Wellknown Alpine nursery in the southern part of the Netherlands.  Interesting stocklist.  Very good quality!  Also for wholesale.  

H.Geers Dwarf Conifers

Allmost famous Dutch Nursery in Boskoop the Conifer and Tree centre of the Netherlands.  Real witchbroom conifers.  Also wholesale.


Maybe not a regular nursery but the very skilled Kirsten Andersen and Lars Hansen do have a wonderful Bulb sale list on their beautiful and impressive Web-site.  A must to visit and scroll around for a while.  

Lewisia and Rhodohypoxis World

mr and mrs. Peppelenbos in Gorssel the Netherlands.  Small specialized nursery in Lewisia and Rhodohypoxis but also an allround selction of other Alpines.  Mail-order nursery

Saxifraga World

Ofcourse the Website of the Alpigena Nursery must be listed are already here on our website?....whatever?......enjoy.......and don't forget to order some plants!

Botanical  Gardens