More about us and the Nursery

As a young lad i was already fascinated by nature,and so it was not a surprise that later on i was educated as a professional nurseryman.   In the early eighties of the last century ( i'm getting old)....while buying plants for a rockgarden project i came across a litlle small plant.  This litlle 'Diamond' in my eyes, was Saxifraga x irvingii 'Jenkinsiae',and ofcourse i bought some of them for my own purpose and the rest is history.


I started to collect these wonderfull plants and began to learn all about them which was not so easy because there was no 'google' that time!.....but over the years my collection of porophyllum Saxifrages increased and increased and nowadays i can honestly say that we grow one of the largest collections of Porophyllum and Silver Saxifraga's in the world.  In the meantime i started to grow and sell the Saxifraga's more than the other alpines,so a specialized Nursery was born.   

We started with a Mail-order service for people who cannot visit us on our Open-days in spring or by appointment.  And over the years we did send Saxifrages and other Alpines to many,many countries.  So many of our plants find a new home abroad,but ofcourse also the Dutch rockplant lovers find their way to our small Nursery.  


Beside the porophyllums we grow a large range of Silver Saxifrages from the ligulatae section, and some not often seen sempervivums,botanical aswell cultivars grown in the right way in contrast to most sempervivum growers.


Nowadays i'm not longer growing Alpines in a professional way. So do not aspect a large Nursery when visiting us,we just grow plants in a hobby way -almost non profit- and for the love of the Porophyllum Saxifrages.   Our goal is to collect all the known Porophyllum Saxifrages and keep them available for everyone now and in the future!  Although it's almost impossible....we try to propagate and grow all the 1000 porophyllum Saxifraga's in our collection!  Ofcourse all in low numbers,but we always have a stock of several thousands of Saxifrages!    Most of the Saxes are sold when they are small,because they have the best re-grow and many people grow their Saxes direct in Tuf-stone.


But nevertheless many Saxifraga and Alpine lovers from all over the world do visit us in spring on the Open-days or by appointment.  Beginners,amateurs,skilled growers or professional nurseryman,staff from Botanical gardens,all kind of rockgarden lovers visit us for the large collection,a chat,a cup of coffee,advise,nose around in our sales area,or to pick-up their order.  If you want to know more about our Open-days,or our Mail-order service,please click on the buttons in the menu above....or better.....come and visit us!......and learn more about the most important plants for the rockgarden.....The Saxifrages!


***Saxifrages.......are the backbone of the Rockgarden***