Maybe nice to read...or do not have to agree with it.

Alpines are special plants coming from special environments......and so it's obvious that they require special treatment and can not plant out simply in a ordinary garden.  Most visitors of this website know this as a fact and so most of us build and make a special environment in our gardens for the alpines to grow well.


In our mostly lowland gardens...all conditions differ much from the mountain world.....and especially our winters are not what most alpines require.  Our winters do not have that blanket of snow during almost 4-6 months and our Alpines are exposed to much more rain or freezing blowing winds without the snow protection.  So it's very important that our plants have a very, very fast and good drainage in autumn and winter and therefor most of us build their rockgarden this way.


Most important fact for our Alpines in this strange environment is that their roots can profit of a free air en water flow.  The best way to achieve this is in a lean, poor soil with a lot of chippings of different sizes.  In the mountains we do not see a  rabbit walking around with a big bag of fertilizers......scattering the nutrition nutritions come from silicats flowing in the water in springtime when the snow is melting and from dust, composting of all the tiny bits of green in the area.


So one can understand that alpine plants have to survive in complete different environments....and therefor it's important in our philosophy......that Alpines must be raised en grown in a poor soil...without fertilizers!

This is very important!.......because the pumped up Alpines you can buy everywhere..... look...Big!...beautiful!...yes....a big full pot!.......ah..great...that's  value for money! it is not!....on the contrary!


Most of the rockplants grown this way do have much difficulties surviving in our totally different our lowland gardens. And grown this way also much more susceptible for diseas!  So the best way for them to to grow our Alpines in a rather harsh environment without the protection of greenhouses. 

Our plants are raised and grown in a open area where air en wind en rain can ' flow' freely.

In wintertime we use overhead protection but air en wind and some rain or snow can still reach the plants.


So we grow our Saxifrages and other Alpines in a traditional way,a lean potting soil without extra added fertilizers,some dolomit clay,and 50% 2-6mm chippings.   During growth we do not give any fertilizers until the plants show some need and than you can give the half of the recommended amount as indicated on most products.

When you treat Alpines this way you get much more hardened plants, which change to stay healty end survive our winters has increased a lot.


So this is the way we grow our Saxifrages and other's our way and ofcourse not away of 'Medem and Persians', like a old saying is.   It's our philosophy..... and we are proud and also known for it, and therefor much appreciated by many rockgardeners.


Due to this's true..... it can take a while when a plant which is sold out is back in be it.

There are many different ones in stock where you can choose from!

Many of our Saxifrages in the 4,5cm pots are already 3-4 years old before sold!

So i think our prices are very fair.....maybe even stupid from my own point of view......