Porophyllum/Kabschia autumn list 

*** With many rare and seldom seen Cultivars and Botanical Saxifraga's ***

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 Silver Summer/ Autumn 2022 list 

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Up-dates on the website 19-11-2022 


*Welcome to our website* 

We are  a small hobby based Mail-order Nursery, specialized in Saxifraga's from the

Porophyllum (Kabschia) and ligulatae (Silver) section.  


*Our collection and Stock list*

Our private Porophyllum and Silver Saxifraga collection consists of more than 1000 different Saxifraga's from the Porophyllum and Silver section, both botanical and cultivar.  As you can understand it's impossible to take cuttings from every plant in the collection. Therefor  we take every year a varied selection from our collection.


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