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Dear friends!....The Spring 2024 Stock Lists are ready!

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The List is with many photo's so when your mail box is small you can ask me to send the list as a ZIP-File


*Welcome to the Alpigena website*


Our goal

Dear friends  we are a small hobby based Saxifraga nursery with a main interest in the Porophyllum and Ligulatae Saxifrages.  Our goal is to collect as many Saxifrages as possible to preserve them for future generations and keep them available by propagating, exchange and selling.



In the menu at top of this page you can find all about the website, us and the Saxifrages.



 The three Catalogs on the website are not our Sales lists. In the catalogs you can find all the  currently known and registered Saxifraga's which are more or less still available for us collectors. So plants which are extinct or by my knowledge no longer available are not included.



Working on the webstite

We are working on a huge project...all the known Porophyllum and Silver Saxifrages will be listed on this website with a short growing description about sun, shade, soil, difficulty, etc.  Of course this project will take quite some time before it's ready.


Bart Moerland          Bilderdijkstraat 129   

   7442VK     Nijverdal     The Netherlands


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