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The latest Porophyllum and Silver lists are published on the website or available on request by email


Porophyllum and Silver Saxifraga autumn list 2021

* now available *


 Update 23-august-2021 


Dear friends, we have so many request for  Saxifraga’s that decided to publish the lists already.

Please understand it’s on First come First serve base.

Ofcourse it’s possible – after payment- to reserve the plants and leave them here until it is convenient to receive them.

  But when the weather is right, it’s not a problem to send out the plants right away and plant them out in the rockgarden.


The plants are €3,00 each. For details please see the mail order page at our website


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*** you can also send an email and we will send the list ***


 ***Ofcourse you can order on of the collections with discount***



Mail- Order to UK is possible!


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We are  a small hobby based Mail-order Nursery, specialized in Saxifraga's from the Porophyllum (Kabschia) and ligulatae (Silver) section.  We also list a selection of Sempervivums.


*Our collection and Stocklist*

Our private Porophyllum and Silver Saxifraga collection consists of more than 1000 different Saxifraga's from the Porophyllum and Silver section, both botanical and cultivar.  As you can understand it's impossible to make cuttings of any Saxifraga from that collection. Every year we take a varied selection from our collection.

So, our stock therefore varies per season. Sorry but in contrary what we did before our entire collection is no longer visible on the website. Just the Saxifraga's en Sempervivums which are in stock, we try to update the stock lists daily.


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If you move your mouse-pointer to one of the topics in the menu above and you click on it your going to an info page about the topic. When you put the mouse pointer on one of our stock-lists, the alphabetical list opens and you can go to the page you are looking for. But we kindly suggest you first click on the topic to read some general and growing information about the plants.


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