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Kabschia and Silver crosses from the Alpigena Nursery - list in due time

'Vespera', a good example of a Non Classified Cultivar

To be honest, we are not really into making Saxifraga crosses like the modern kabschia hybridisers  Raymond Fairbairn, Karel Lang, Jan Bürgel, Frantisek Holenka, Miroslav Kraus, Adrian Young or the old hybridisers like Foster, Prichard, Sundermann and many more.


 But when you grow so many Saxifrages in the Rock Garden with a lot of wild bees swarming around and me sometimes going around with a painter's brush.....yes, a lot of seedlings may appear between, and on the tuf- and other stones.  Sometimes after brushing with a pensel and when te seeds are ripe, i scatter the seeds on the tuf stones covered with moss. When you keep the stones a bit moist it's an excellent place for germination! 


But of course sometimes i make/made intended crosses and when ripe i sowed them in pots.  But almost all the crosses which orginated over the years are NCC, because i never isolated the flowers and than you are never sure about the parents.  The Saxifraga photo in the left corner of this paragraph is 'Vespera' and popped up around 2005 on an old tuf stone in the garden. Over the years she grew into a very nice Saxifraga with in autumn/winter red coloring rosettes. After many requests of visitors which saw her flowering, i made cuttings and named her 'Vespera'.  It's almost certain a x poluanglica but because it's what i call a 'lucky garden seedling' i do not know the parents.  But nevertheless a good and beautiful one which deserves in my humble opinion a place between the many crosses. So 'Vespera' is a good example how the most crosses which are named by us appeared over the years.


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