Please...take your time and scroll down to read all about visiting our small Nursery .


Visiting our Nursery is not only worthwhile for Saxifraga lovers, but also for all Alpine-gardeners!

Because we not only have a beautiful Tufstone garden with all the Saxifraga motherplants, but we also have a very nice regular alpine-garden with a lot of different plants!   And also a growing collection with not often seen sempervivums!


  You can also have a look in the 'Saxifraga Kitchen', the way we propagate our Saxes.

  And for the lovers of real small dwarf-conifers we can say that our Rockgarden is certainly a must see with many, many real 'Hexenbezem'!   


And ofcourse not only the pro's and skilled amateurs do visit us......many beginners visit us on our open-days or by appointment because we can learn you a lot about building a rockgarden and growing Alpines!


And last but not least....... most come to 'snoop around' in our sale area!


But.....please note.......we are only Selling Saxifraga's from the Porophyllum and the Ligulatae section!

And some outstanding botanical and cultivar sempervivums grown in the right way

Due to lack of time we do not propagate 'other' Alpines anymore in high quantities, but there are always some items available.


Please understand, we are not a regular Nursery and we are...... only open by appointment .....and ofcourse during our Open-days every spring, when the Saxifraga's and Bulbs are in flower!

Please check our Open-day page for the exact data in spring, because it depends on the winter when the Saxifraga's are in flower.


If you can not visit us on one of the Open Saturdays.......please contact us and make a appointment during weekdays.  

Many alpine lovers do so and you also have the advantage that i have more time to talk to you personally.


We are also open for small Group Visits,but please understand always by appointment .


Ofcourse one can not only visit us in spring...but whole year round!    In spring ofcourse the Saxifraga's are flowering, but there's a lot more flowering overhere during spring and early summer.


In fact more and more people visit us in autumn to buy young Saxifrages for planting in the always feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

So...we hope to welcome you also......many people from all over the world already did.

And......if visiting is can always order plants by Mail-order!